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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.   Reposted in Ocean Grove 2014.

Saul and Lynn Goodman, visitors to the Grove on Saturday, June 28, are not your typical tourists.  They are a professional guitar and fiddle duo from Pipersville, Pennsylvania.  Their specialty is ethnic music including cajun, celtic and gypsy. They have a special interest in gypsy music from Eastern Europe,  such as from the Ukraine.  It is a fairly exotic specialty.

I stepped out on my porch and heard music by what I thought might have been a bluegrass radio station. But soon I realized that the music was coming from the park and that it was being performed live.

Walking over to the eastern edge of Firemen’s Park, I saw two musicians in the gazebo playing guitar  (Saul) and violin (Lynn.)  A few people had gathered around to listen. I thought their music was wonderful and so different from what we might ordinarily hear in this musical town.

When Saul mentioned Eastern European gypsy music, I thought of Django Reinhardt, the gypsy guitarist,  whose music we often play on Blogfinger.  And I also thought of the Woody Allen movie with Sean Penn called “Sweet and Lowdown.” It is one of the best outputs by both Penn and Allen.  Penn plays a guitarist who is obsessed with Reinhardt whose music he could never surpass.

Here is a video of Lynn and Saul playing a Celtic tune called Fairy Queen  by a famous 17th century Irish  composer  O’Carolan.

Thank you Lynn and Saul for a real treat. Sorry for the abrupt ending.  The piece ended a few moments later.

Once you begin playing the video,  If you put your cursor over the video, you will see small arrows in the lower right corner.  Choose the upwards arrow to make the video much bigger.



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Prize Party


Original video by Paul Goldfinger.  Dedicated to Moe Demby–a lifetime bachelor who went to New York City every weekend to dance with women—-they liked Moe. He was my uncle.


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By Paul Goldfinger, MD   Video 12/22/19  Ft. Myers, Fla

As a boy I was fascinated by UFO’s.  I read whatever I could find about flying saucers and about eyewitness accounts of visitors from outer space or unexplained phenomena in the skies.  I wrote papers about it for my teachers, but they were clueless. Did you ever look into the sky and wonder about something up there?

Standing about in late afternoon on a rainy day yesterday, I looked up and saw this cloud moving  across the sky, but maybe it is not merely a cloud.  Maybe there is some other purposeful explanation. No one could say for sure. So I took a video, but it is just for Blogfinger.  I wouldn’t dare submit it to some government agency. They’ll just write it off as a natural event. Case closed.

We know so little of the mysteries around us.  As a physician I saw many unexplained  phenomena in the human body, so when something strange appeared, we would postulate an explanation and do the best we could.

A patient with a subarachnoid (brain) hemorrhage was admitted, and when I did his ECG there were profound but unexplained changes.  What was the connection.?   I kept recording the changes, but they progressed from one ECG to the next and then resolved. A day later they recurred. I photographed those changes.   How to connect the brain to the heart’s electrical patterns?  I wrote a paper about it and speculated as much as possible, but definite answers have remained unknown.

Since my paper in the Mt. Sinai Journal of Medicine, over 100 studies have been published about this, but no clear explanation has been found.  And now even Google can’t find what I said.

Humans, going back to Galileo and before, tried to understand everything, but not knowing it all is part of the human condition.  He saw the rings of Saturn, but he didn’t know exactly what they were.

And now, in 2019 A.D., have there really been visitors from outer space?


Yo-Yo Ma   “Dona Nobis Pacem: (Give Us Peace.”)


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Blogfinger video by Paul Goldfinger.  Ocean Grove, foggy day, late afternoon on June 2, 2016. ©   You can play the music while watching the video.  (start the music first)


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OG beach. Jan. 15, 2016. NTPD photo.

OG beach. Jan. 15, 2016. NTPD photo.



SAMUEL E. WRIGHT    from The Little Mermaid.

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Rumor has it that the Barbaric Bean will be replaced by a Cuban restaurant.  But does that make sense?  We already have two in Asbury.  The best known is a fancy place on the boardwalk–Cubacan.  But there also is the lesser known Cuban Café  at 3rd Avenue and Memorial  Drive.  Address 1007 Memorial Drive.  We stopped by at an odd time mid-afternoon on Friday, so they were slow.

This place is authentic. The menu is in Spanish with English translation. You walk inside and place your order; then watch them cook. This eatery is spotless, and you can dine outside while listening to Cuban music.

Cuban Café. Blogfinger photo

Cuban Café. Blogfinger photo

A Grover who goes there regularly tells me that the oxtail stew is spectacular.  They serve breakfast and lunch, and there are daily specials. For example on Thurday they offer Fricassee de Pollo—-Chicken in sauce for $8.50. There are a wide variety of sandwiches plus an a la carte menu iincluding the famous Churrasco  (skirt steak) for $14.00 which is a great price for that tender speciality. They cater and they have a kid’s menu.

Follow them on Facebook.  Drive by and pick up a menu.  Hours are 6:30 am to 8:00 pm Sunday to Thursday.  Friday to Saturday is 6:30 am to 9:00 pm, and they deliver.   —-Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

JOHN COURTNEY   “Lucky Man” from the movie Chef

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Garrison Keillor in Michigan, 7/29/156 by Alex McDougal. MLive.com ©

Garrison Keillor in Michigan, 7/29/15 by Alex McDougal. MLive.com


By Paul Goldfinger, M.D. Editor.     7/29/15.


Last night in the Great Auditorium, a large crowd watched a 72 year old man in a seersucker suit with red shoes talk and sing for nearly 3 hours straight.  Garrison Keillor has been doing his famous radio show Prairie Home Companion for 41 years and has entertained millions of people.  He stopped in Ocean Grove as part of his nationwide America the Beautiful 41st Anniversary Tour, traveling the country in a bus with 5 fabulous musicians, an  impersonator who can do anything including a chicken playing a banjo, and some technical workers.

Keillor is a raconteur, a professional singer with an engaging  bass-baritone voice, a comedian, a writer, and a philosopher.  He brought us news from the fictional Minnesota town where he was raised (Lake Wobegon) along with his “spontaneous” musings (scripted, but so what) about everything from computers to music, to religion to sex.  His ideas flow from topic to topic so fast that you really need to pay attention.

I knew that his music would be wonderful and it was.  He leans heavily on old Christian hymns, patriotic tunes, traditional old songs like “Red River Valley” and country/western pieces served up by 2 mandolin/guitar/fiddle players, a string bass, a versatile keyboard musician and a percussionist.  Most of the musicians also sang, creating beautiful harmonies.  This ensemble has been polishing this show for years, but always with Keillor at the center.

But the thing that blew my socks off was when intermission time arrived;  Keillor did not leave the room.   Instead he grabbed a mike and began to slowly stroll up and down the aisles, with a spotlight on him, singing old hymns while urging the standing audience to join in.   By some miracle, beautiful voices emerged from all over the Auditorium including the upstairs sections, magically knowing the words to all the songs.  If I didn’t know better, I would think the whole thing was staged, and Keillor bussed in a professional choir of 500 people.


No one actually left the hall at “intermission.” The sound of that “out-of-the blue” choir, softly singing, with their voices gently echoing off the wood walls and ceiling of the Auditorium was captivating. It was a musical surprise that captured that large audience and kept them on their feet for the entire mini-concert within a concert.  Keillor seemed mesmerized himself.  He clearly was enjoying this special musical moment in a very special venue which did not require much more than people sharing a musical wave of emotion and  beauty. There were at least two Jews in the audience who found the hymns to be moving. I wish I had this choir at my bar mitzvah.

The Prairie Home Companion is a show that has held up over time because it is so unique and so excellent. We must mention a beautiful young woman, Sarah Jarosz, an accomplished  musician who plays several string instruments, but especially a mandolin.  She is on stage the whole time, and  her most special contribution is when she sings harmonies with Keilor.  Just lovely!

REVIEW FROM MICHIGAN:          www.mlive.com/entertainment/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2015/07/meijer_gardens_sees_beginning.html

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This performance is from the 1975 movie “The Jerk.”   Featuring Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters. Suggested by Stephen Goldfinger, Blogfinger New York City correspondent.

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By Moe Demby, Blogfinger staff:


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Asbury boards.  5;30 AP at 5:30 pm last Sunday.   Paul Goldfinger photo and video  ©

Asbury boards at 5:30 pm last Sunday. Paul Goldfinger photo and video ©

This past Sunday, late in the afternoon,  we were on the Asbury boards where it was happening.  There were musicians, photo shoots, busy restaurants, kids in the playground, bikers, and quite a few people walking the boardwalk—all kinds of people. We stopped at Days, walked on, and made a U turn near  Convention Hall.  People watching is really good in Asbury.   The place has a happy feel.  It wasn’t noisy, but there was a quiet cacophony due to all the board walkers.  I could have done without the guy playing drums.

By the time we went through the Casino back to the Grove, dusk was settling in, and the sun was beginning to set.  At  6:00 pm we were at the Pavilion.

It was striking how different the two towns were at around the same time.  Asbury seemed more alive, like the Jersey Shore towns I experienced as a kid. But Asbury is not Seaside Heights or Pt. Pleasant, and it is  the differences from town to town  that make the Jersey Shore so fascinating.

These two shore  towns  (OG and AP) are both wonderful in their own ways, but so different.  I think they complement each other.  We are fortunate to be able to go so easily from one to the other. It’s almost like magic.

On the OG side, there were much fewer people,  and the most striking difference was in the relative quiet on the OG boards.  A woman walked by and said to her friend, “Look at the pier. It’s amazing.”   But she was gone before I knew what was so amazing. The sound of her voice stuck out. There was some soft recorded music playing in the Pavilion. A few people were inside chatting.

Then I became aware of the bells. Those bells seem so peaceful and comforting unlike the sound of drums and an electric guitar over in Asbury.

Here is a sampling of the sounds in the Grove at 6:00 pm last Sunday at dusk.

ALY and A.J.

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Ocean Grove beach video clip by Moe Demby.  October, 2013. ©


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