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By Paul Goldfinger, MD   Video 12/22/19  Ft. Myers, Fla

As a boy I was fascinated by UFO’s.  I read whatever I could find about flying saucers and about eyewitness accounts of visitors from outer space or unexplained phenomena in the skies.  I wrote papers about it for my teachers, but they were clueless. Did you ever look into the sky and wonder about something up there?

Standing about in late afternoon on a rainy day yesterday, I looked up and saw this cloud moving  across the sky, but maybe it is not merely a cloud.  Maybe there is some other purposeful explanation. No one could say for sure. So I took a video, but it is just for Blogfinger.  I wouldn’t dare submit it to some government agency. They’ll just write it off as a natural event. Case closed.

We know so little of the mysteries around us.  As a physician I saw many unexplained  phenomena in the human body, so when something strange appeared, we would postulate an explanation and do the best we could.

A patient with a subarachnoid (brain) hemorrhage was admitted, and when I did his ECG there were profound but unexplained changes.  What was the connection.?   I kept recording the changes, but they progressed from one ECG to the next and then resolved. A day later they recurred. I photographed those changes.   How to connect the brain to the heart’s electrical patterns?  I wrote a paper about it and speculated as much as possible, but definite answers have remained unknown.

Since my paper in the Mt. Sinai Journal of Medicine, over 100 studies have been published about this, but no clear explanation has been found.  And now even Google can’t find what I said.

Humans, going back to Galileo and before, tried to understand everything, but not knowing it all is part of the human condition.  He saw the rings of Saturn, but he didn’t know exactly what they were.

And now, in 2019 A.D., have there really been visitors from outer space?


Yo-Yo Ma   “Dona Nobis Pacem: (Give Us Peace.”)


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