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Two generations join the Town-Wide Yard Sale on Heck Avenue in Ocean Grove.  2016.    Paul Goldfinger photo ©

By Paul  @Blogfinger:

I had purchased a new Garmin GPS, so I placed my old one out on a table at our yard sale—- marked $10.00.  A man came by and spent about 15 minutes studying it carefully.

Man:  Does this GPS have night-time lighting and does it work?

Me: Yes

Man: How old is it?

Me: About 3 years.

Man:  It’s too much money.

Me: (feeling charitable:)   OK  $5.00

Man  (taking out his wallet and staring into it)  I don’t have $5.00

Me: You can have it for free.

Man:  No, I don’t want it. I want one with all the latest features.

Me:  Sorry, but you need a new one for that.

Man: Walks away.


KENNY VANCE from his new album.  Kenny—We miss you in Ocean Grove:  —–PG



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A horseless carriage parallel parked near Ocean Pathway in Ocean Grove. A gaggle of these early car specimens was visiting the town on 5/12/17.  This baby probably was one of those that made the OG stables obsolete.  Don’t worry about the illegal parking—where would the cop put the ticket?    © Photo by Rosemary Salow.


From Grover Rosemary Salow:    “Members of the Horseless Carriage Association of America arrived yesterday afternoon for a visit to Ocean Grove.  All cars are pre-1915 and show the obvious pride of their owners.”   Here we see one of the group that was preening in the Grove minus its driver.

Grover Tom Costantino correctly identified the car and its horsepower. He wins a prize.

MARTHA WAINWRIGHT  from the film The Aviator



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Photo by Mary Frank, staff photographer, Asbury Park Press.May 20, 2014.

Photo by Mary Frank, staff photographer, Asbury Park Press.May 20, 2014.


Police Memorial. By Mary Frank, Asbury Park Pres.

Police Memorial. By Mary Frank, Asbury Park Press.

May 20, 2014.

By Gail Lake Jordan (special to Blogfinger)

The entire program was nothing short of wonderful….  There we’re hundreds of law enforcement personal in attendance, and a substantial number of civilians and other interested people.  West Windsor-Plainsboro Choirs filled the entire choir lofts;  their voice were inspiring.  They sang two songs, “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and “Danny Boy”.

Officer Tyron McAllister (Asbury Park) sang “The National Anthem” and “You Raise Me Up”—-Officer Michelle Hollins (Florence township) sang “Heaven was needing a Hero” and “Amazing Grace the Policeman’s Tribute,” and Trooper Thomas Cavallo (NJSP) sang “God Bless America”…   If you didn’t have tears in your eyes by then, you only needed to hear the New Jersey United Pipe Band play “Amazing Grace” on the bagpipes…

The speakers were numerous and eloquent.  There was The Honorable John Jay Hoffman Attorney General, Madeline Neumann National President, Concerns of Police Survivors, and various heads of law Enforcement from, FBI to US Marshalls to DEA as well as many fraternal organizations from across the State.  Governor Chris Christie was not present.

As with all memorials,  there are chairs shrouded in black with the names of all officers who died in the line of duty from 1854 to 2013 in the State of New Jersey..  There were over 400 chairs.   On either side of the choir loft there was a large screen where names and pictures of the fallen officers were shown.

This is the thirtieth anniversary of the New Jersey Law Enforcement Memorial.  Somewhere around the 10 year mark  (with a big thanks to retired Police Chief Howard O’Neil)  the memorial was moved from the Garden State Arts Center to Ocean Grove.

I am happy to report that in the last two years not one police officer died in the line of duty in New Jersey.  How wonderful it would be if we could say that about every state.

For myself personally this Memorial brings not only respect to those fallen officers but a much needed reminder to all just how quickly a man or woman can put the badge on and leave home for their job—-never to go home again.   For me and so many others it doesn’t matter the amount of time that has passed since last we saw those that we love.  What helps and helps immensely is that they are “remembered.”

 Editor’s note:  Gail Lake Jordan, from Ocean Grove, lost her father,  Ocean Grove Chief of Police David John Lake, in 1971 when he was murdered in the line of duty.


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