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The Ocean Grove pillars.  April, 2014.  Paul Goldfinger photo

The Ocean Grove pillars. April, 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo

ALAN CUMMINGS   from Cabaret

80 Main 2010. Blogfinger derelict photo

80 Main 2010. Blogfinger derelict photo

We showed a broken down house in the Bahamas   (scroll down) which provoked a comment from I.M. Radar who said, “Definitely a candidate for the DBC  (Derelict Building Committee.) And what is the Homeowners Association doing about its well-established list of documented disasters in OG?”

Then Ken responded,  “This was discussed in great detail at last night’s Township Committee meeting.

“An OG resident aggressively questioned the Township Attorney about the lack of action by the Township on the multiple violations “some since 2011″ outstanding against 80 MAIN AVE, which every visitor sees coming into the Business District. ( I found a 2001 violation letter written by a code enforcement official for the wooden stairs built on the west side without permit or HPC approval; the stairs are still there). His answer was inadequate and subject to verification.

“She then asked why the Committee had not submitted for CLG (Certified Local Government) designation which would enable requesting grant money for the problem of the “50 and more houses” she counted as derelict. A Committeeman’s response was, (to be polite), “unreal”; blaming a lack of information of “what designates a building as historic?” and “lack of a required windshield survey”…; you had to be there listening. [Audio tapes to the Committee Meetings are available].

“Not a Public Comment segment Neptune can be proud to have on the record.”


Editor’s Note:  So there you have it ladies and germs.   If any of you want to jump into this derelict mayhem, just click on the comments below.  Radar asks a relevant question considering that the aforementioned derelict committee hasn’t posted a thing since last summer regarding the situation.  So what the hey?   —PG




Hopetown, Bahamas

Hopetown. 2001. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Hopetown. 2001. By Paul Goldfinger ©

BOB MARLEY  “Is This Love?”

Ocean Grove. 2013. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Ocean Grove. 2013. By Paul Goldfinger ©

ASTRUD GILBERTO:  From Finian’s Rainbow





By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
April 14, 2014


The New Jersey attorney general’s office reports that over the last decade nearly one a half million crashes were the result of drivers not paying attention, and warns a cracking down is coming.

The data shows nearly half of all accidents between 2004 and 2013 can be attributed to people who are not focusing on the road while driving. Zach Hosseini, spokesman for the attorney general’s office, calls it the distracted driving decade, and says in most cases it is smart phones that are to blame.

“More than 1600 people have been killed in crashes where driver inattention was a major contributing factor, so what we wanted to do is really get the message out there to people that distracted driving to us it’s an epidemic.”

Hosseini says law enforcement agencies statewide will be increasing checkpoints and patrols, and adds that as of July 1st fines will increase to as much as $400 for the first offense.

© 2014 WBGO News

Eileen (L), Mike, Hope and Chico.    Ocean Grove, April 2014.

Eileen (L), Michael, Hope and Chico. Ocean Grove, April 2014.  Paul Goldfinger photograph ©





Ocean Grove, April 13, 2014.  By Paul Goldfinger.  Click left. What’s going on?

JOHN DENVER   “Calypso”


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