After the Manchester Inn.

Manchester Inn, Ocean Pathway, Ocean Grove. c.2002. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

Manchester Inn,1880-2010,  Christmas c. 1998.    Ocean Pathway, Ocean Grove. c.2002. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©  Silver -gelatin darkroom print.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

The Manchester Inn was supposed to be turned into condominiums until it burned to the ground in March, 2010.   According to zoning, it should have been replaced by a single family house, but the Board of Adjustment gave the owner variances to build two houses and to make them 3 1/2 stories high instead of the zoned 2 1/2 stories.  The owner was also allowed to infringe on the flare zone.

The rationale for the variances was that the Manchester Inn was preceded by two historic houses which were replicated in the new houses.  This is yet another example where zoning legerdemain prevailed over the protests of citizens.

MAUDE MAGGART   sings Irving Berlin




By Eileen and Paul Goldfinger, Editors @Blogfinger

The striped bass has been a major prize for Ocean Grove fishermen for generations.  In the 1980’s, stripers became endangered, but they came back  by 2007.

Hybrid striped bass. Internet photo.


In recent years, stores have not been allowed to sell them, although licensed fishermen are allowed to  catch them, however there are strict rules governing size and numbers.

Eileen  caught a striped  bass at Wegmans, but it was a farm -raised hybrid striper.  (see photo above) .

This week Wegmans is carrying these fish which are a cross between a striper and a white bass.  A Wegmans seaman filleted the fish which weighed 1.9 pounds.  It yielded a one pound fillet with the skin.

Eileen found the meat to be pinkish, but it was snow white when it was cooked, and it was delicious, coming off the skin easily with a butter knife.

Here is an action video filmed live by our movie crew in Eileen’s kitchen, and below that are her instructions for sautéing a hybrid striped bass.Turn on the music below during the video.


Heat a mixture of 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil and 2 tablespoons of margarine in a 12 inch nonstick fry pan until the margarine melts and the mixture is sizzling.

Rub paprika and freshly ground black pepper on the fillets. (Approximately 1 pound). Sauté the fillets skin side up for 10 minutes on medium low heat.

Dice 3 scallions & 1/4 bell pepper, and add them to the pan after the 10 minutes .

Then you are ready to flip the fish over and cook on the skin side. Raise the heat to medium and continue cooking for another 10 minutes.

During the last five minutes of cooking use a spoon to baste the fish with the oil/margarine mixture bubbling in the pan.


Serves 2

SAVOY CAJUN BAND with Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer:



DH Flyer 2015 TIFF





A gaggle of Princeton coeds at Nassau Gate. April, 2015. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

A gaggle of Princeton coeds at Nassau Gate. April, 2015. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click to enlarge.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor  @Blogfinger

The last time we tried to bring up a controversial subject about women on Blogfinger, ie objectification of women in our society, the response from women in the BF audience was underwhelming. But maybe that topic was too abstract or just not relevant.  The latter was my opinion.

Last week I was listening to Dennis Prager, a radio talk show host who likes to discuss cultural issues.  He said that he met a bright young woman in her twenties doing security work in Israel.

He asked her if she were married, and she said, “No.” She gave the same reply when asked if she had a boyfriend.

Then he asked her, “Would you like to have a boyfriend?”

And she replied, “No, I would like to have a husband.”

I thought that was a fascinating reply and so did Prager. He and his audience had a lengthy discussion on the subject; once a week he has a “male/female hour” on his show.

Prager thought that few woman in America in that same demographic would reply the way the Israeli did because our college age women seem to want to “play the field” and delay commitment while they pursue careers.

Prager was critical of the American approach saying that it was flawed in terms of what’s best for society and what’s best for women, and especially because, according to him, the best time for a woman to find a husband is when she in college.

A few days ago, the NY Times mentioned an article by Maureen Dowd where she interviewed many women working in Hollywood. One of the quotes interested me regarding our topic today. It is a quote by Amy Heckerling, a writer and director for the movies.

She said, “I can’t stand most of the movies marketed to women. They are all about finding guys and weddings, weddings, weddings. I don’t care about weddings.”

Then, I told a friend about Prager’s remarks , and he was incensed saying that Prager was being condescending and was clinging to old fashioned ways of viewing American women.

I thought that Prager was correct as far as college being a good time to “find a husband,” but, notwithstanding that observation, contemporary American women have different priorities and life-schedules than one or two generations ago.

So what do you think?




Serenity. Sunrise in Ocean Grove. By Bob Bowné

“Serenity.” Sunrise in Ocean Grove. By Bob Bowné

Hi Paul:

Greetings from Manhattan. I was struck by your quietly beautiful photo, “Beachfront Sunrise,” (posted recently on Blogfinger*), and your statement that you preferred sunrises to sunsets because “beginnings are happier than endings.” Here is the poem, “Dawn,” from my 2008 collection, Father of Water.

Best wishes,

Charles Pierre




By Charles Pierre


The first hint of morning on the ocean

is a trembling of shadows,


a dark hovering of muted tones

that moves with imperceptible pace,


a vanishing medium through which

the day brightens and widens,


the new light going on for miles and miles

in the shine of emerging surf.


LONDON PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA.    Peer Gynt Suite #1, Op 46  “Morning”   by Edvard Grieg

*See the post  “Fishing Pier at Sunrise “by scrolling down to Nov. 21 where it has been brought closer to Charles Pierre’s wonderful sunrise poem, “Dawn” where he makes reference to the image in his introduction.  *



A 1950’s Thanksgiving


It was silly to post this last Spring. So this is better timing. Some of you may have missed it last May.  Check out the comments also.  To read the entire post, click on “originally posted on Blogfinger” below.

Also you will enjoy  the brief video  (link below) from the NY Times on the “Do’s and Don’ts of hosting Thanksgiving Dinner.”   Click on the link and then skip the ad.  When the video is over, put your cursor on the bottom to see the control; then hit the pause button.   Then click the back arrow to return to BF.



Originally posted on Blogfinger:

Hastings Gardens, Rutherford.   From the Goldfinger family album. Hastings Gardens, Rutherford. From the Goldfinger family album.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @blogfinger

We lived in a two bedroom garden apartment in Rutherford, NJ. I was in high school. The photo is undated. I am on the right looking like I just witnessed the first atom bomb test in Los Alamos.

The photographer was probably Auntie Jean, Mom’s older sister, who spent a lot of time at our house. Yes, we did call her “auntie” as in Auntie Mame. She was the only aunt to have that title because she was so special. She was like a second mom, and when my actual mom wanted to clobber me with a shoe or something, she stepped in between and saved me from the wrath of Mom. It was sort of a game; like a vaudeville shtick.

My brother Mel, the little guy on the left, was a natural comedian. When I…

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Moments  like this…

Downtown.  By Paul Goldlfinger ©.  NYC Street Series

Downtown. By Paul Goldfinger ©. NYC Street Series. Click to find the drama. 




I love you porgy

Wild caught Porgy are found in the Atlantic and the Long Island Sound. they are a very good eating fish. Skilled filleting is needed----lots of bones. Blogfinger photo 11/22/115

Wegmans—-they will expertly filet it for you.  Wild caught porgy are found in the Atlantic and the Long Island Sound. they are a very good eating fish. Skilled filleting is needed—-lots of bones. Blogfinger photo 11/22/15

MILES DAVIS.  “I Loves You, Porgy”

The connection with Wegmans porgy catch is that the story of Porgy and Bess, an opera by George and Ira Gershwin,  is set in an African-American  neighborhood in Charleston called Catfish Row.

And then, of course, Porgy is the hero of the libretto which was written in the 1930’s. The first recording in 1951 was the operatic version, but the second recording was a jazz version by Duke Ellington in 1956.  Miles Davis recorded it in 1958 (see below)

Whenever I see the porgy display at Wegmans, I think of “Porgy and Bess.”

—–Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.


Bob Bowné took a right turn today and wound up in Spring Lake.  Nov. 21, 2015. Special to Blogfinger ©.

Bob Bowné took a right turn today and wound up in Spring Lake. Nov. 21, 2015.    Where do you go for a cup of Joe?   Special to Blogfinger ©.


ADELE:   From her new hit album “25”       This selection is “All I Ask.”

Beautiful 50 degree day in the Grove.Nov. 21, 2015. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Main Avenue.  Beautiful 50 degree day in the Grove.Nov. 21, 2015. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

CONNIE EVINGSON:  Some people like winter weather and snow.


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