Century plant.  Southern California, Pacific Ocean.  By Paul Goldfinger. Undated silver gelatin print. ©

Century plant, southern California, Pacific Ocean. By Paul Goldfinger. Undated silver gelatin print. ©


Ferry on the Hudson.  By Jean Bredin. Blogfinger staff.  March,2015. ©

Heading east, perhaps out to the briny or even to  China?    By Jean Bredin. Blogfinger staff. March,2015. ©  Click to enlarge


3rd Annual Town-Wide Yard Sale in Ocean Grove.  May 10, 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

3rd Annual Town-Wide Yard Sale in Ocean Grove. Central and Heck.  May 10, 2014.   This year it is Saturday, May 9, 2015,  Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Yard Sale Poster 2

This will be the fourth annual town-wide yard sale, sponsored by Blogfinger.  It will, as before, be held on the Saturday of the Mothers’ Day weekend—May 9, 2015, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  There is no official rain date, but if necessary, the participants can set up again the following Saturday.

Each year has been an even better success in terms of number of sellers.  The bigger the participation, the better the event from the point of view of shoppers and yard sailors.   Last year our number of participants surpassed several towns at the shore. We had 62 sellers  (some locations had two or three families together)

The sale details are fairly simple.  We will maintain a Yard Sale page (usually posted around mid April)  at the top of Blogfinger which can be referenced at any time.  Any ads that are placed elsewhere will refer the reader to the Blogfinger Yard Sale page where they will find a list of participants’ addresses grouped by neighborhood and including the nearest cross street for each address.  We will also post a list of sale items for each address.  Participants can add more items at any time just by emailing BF.

Anyone can join our listing—the more the merrier.  Unlike prior years, we will not collect any money because that became too difficult. If anyone wants to volunteer to work on promoting the event, printing and handing out fliers or posters, making a contribution to help with costs,  or otherwise helping us advertise it, you can contact us by email at blogfinger@verizon.net.   We are open to any promotional ideas, and perhaps  we get some sponsors to join in.

Last year we had no success getting any merchants to sponsor the event, but if any want their name to be promoted on Blogfinger along with the event, let us know.

This event is a win-win in town, because that weekend is usually not crowded, so there usually is ample parking, and the merchants can benefit from the visitors that we attract.   It is a fun day for those who are entertaining Moms here in the Grove.  The town-wide yard sale is a terrific social event, so it is more that just a find-a-treasure adventure .

To participate, just contact Blogfinger at our email location (Blogfinger@verizon.net).   Tell us your name, house address, cross street,  email address and your phone number. You can add the specific items later.   Signups begin immediately, although we won’t be posting them for awhile.  We will set up an email list for us to communicate to participants. Only your address and location information will be seen by the public, unless you also want your name or other contact information included.

During the week before the sale, we will advertise in the Coaster and the APP.

So please start getting your stuff together and let us know. If any of you want to advertise elsewhere, be my guest.  Just include the Blogfinger web site address  (www.Blogfinger.net)  and refer the reader to our Yard Sale page.

As for a Neptune Township yard sale permit, you do need one.  Just go to the Mother Ship  (municipal building on Neptune Boulevard—entrance off Davis Ave. in the back) and go to the construction office.  The price for a community yard sale permit  is $5.00 per address.  Tell them you are with the town-wide yard sale; otherwise it will be $10.00.  Remember, you are not allowed to post notices on telephone poles or trees. You can post our flier on your own porch, so let us know if you want a flier.  It might be good to post a flier at each location along with some balloons  (Yellow is our official color.)

More information to follow.

–Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

And if it seems that you’ve heard all this before, here is Harry James with one of our Yard Sale theme songs.  It is from the Woody Allen movie Hannah and Her Sisters.

Central Park.  c. 1995.  By Paul Goldfinger ©.  NYC Street Series.

Central Park. c. 1995. By Paul Goldfinger ©. NYC Street Series.. Click to enlarge

BECK  “Blue Moon”   Music from the HBO series Girls, Vol. 2

Beck performed this song at the 2015 Grammy Awards and won for Best Rock Song.

Song bird calling across the water,

Inside my silent asylum.”

Hi Paul:

Greetings from Manhattan. At this in-between time of year, when winter slowly becomes spring, nature reveals itself in the starkest of terms. Here is the poem “Hickories,” from my 2008 collection, Father of Water.

Best wishes,

Charles Pierre

Hickory in winter.  Flickr.com.

Hickory in winter. Flickr.com. Photographer unknown.


Best to see them bare, in earliest spring,

at the end of March, when the uncertain

drift from winter shows them in bark only,

standing and branching in jets of wind

over the cold soil. At this unadorned time,

with neither snow nor foliage to hide

their rough wiry forms, they move

in routines severe yet clear, as if

ingrained in their fiber is the sense

of making do, making beauty with the least

costume and fewest movements, making do

in rhythmic turns from shade to sun,

from night to dawn, from winter to spring,

in the uncertain drift through minutes

and days and months, in space

as bare as the trees themselves, in silence

as bare as the trees themselves.



AMA new banner


The Wall Street Journal (3/26, Silverman) “Pharmalot” blog reports that the city of San Francisco’s ordinance, unanimously approved by the Board of Supervisors, to require pharmaceutical makers to participate in a citywide drug take-back program will automatically become law on Friday if Mayor Edwin Lee does not express dissent. If it becomes law, the city will be the first in the US to implement such a program.

Blogfinger Medical Commentary:  Paul Goldfinger, MD

I don’t suppose that anyone on either side of this argument would disagree about the importance of properly disposing of pharmaceuticals.  There are situations where flushing meds down the toilet is considered to be safe, but you have to be skeptical about that.

San Francisco will be eliciting funding from the pharmaceutical industry, and they are resisting, even to the point of taking this to the Supreme Court. The DEA and the FDA have guidelines on disposal, and Neptune Township also has a program. In San Francisco, their proposed plan, soon to be signed by the Mayor, does involve the police department and the pharmacies in the program which requires that the medications be brought to one of those sites.  The police will handle controlled substances.

It should be noted that most drug overdoses are due to pharmaceuticals and not cocaine or heroine.


1.From the OGWC:  Good Morning Clubbers,
Sorry to say we only had 5 people sign up for today’s musical event  (GorillaBob and TheChamp.  This is in part due to confusion about who is able to attend. Everyone is welcome. There is no “membership” requirement. I prefer to be able to add attendees to my mailing list, to keep track, but as long as I know in advance who to expect, everyone is welcome. What we do not want is people walking in off the street unannounced. So let me know if you want to attend, so I know who to expect, and join us on the new date. Hope to see you then.

Rescheduled for Saturday, April 25.  7 p.m. OGWC $6.00

2. Medical report from the AMA :  World wide study reveals significant risk for liver cancer due to 3 alcohol drinks per day.  Coffee is protective.

3.  Featured song:  Tell Me on  Sunday by Marti Webb, a British singer and stage actress who performed in Evita years ago .  This song is from a Andrew Lloyd Webber one act show that received mixed reviews in 1980.

4.  Backyard birdwatching report in Ocean Grove.  We are currently seeing:  cardinals (they like black oil sunflower seed and safflower seed.)  They are always a treat to spot in your garden. Also, juncos, wrens, raspberry colored house finches.  Small woodpeckers enjoy suet.   Let us know what you are seeing.  Send photos.

5. Township Committee meeting on Monday, March 30.

6. The Dirt Pile Diaries  Part II:    Dirt pile remains at the corner of Heck and Beach.

That lot has been empty for years.  At one point a builder was going to put up 2 single family homes, but obviously that never happened.  This dirt pile was first reported to us about one month ago. There was speculation that the dirt came from the Mary’s Place site which is now a foundation in progress.

We have no information regarding the plans for this mountain, but it is reminiscent of the dirt pile recently removed from the property adjacent to the Jersey Shore Arts Center.

Dirt Mountain at Heck Avenue and Beach Avenue in Ocean Grove across from the Carriage House Inn which is for sale. Blogfinger photo ©

Dirt Mountain at Heck Avenue and Beach Avenue in Ocean Grove across from the Carriage House B&B which is for sale. Blogfinger photo ©  Click to make a molehill into a mountain.

7.   Original design by Seasons General Store at 69 Main Avenue in Ocean Grove.



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