Central Park, 2014.  By Paul Goldfinger   ©


Emmylou Harris.

Emmylou Harris.


Eileen: A Portrait


This is a darkroom print originally posted on BF in 2013. I’m tempted to re-do it with some softwear help, but there’s something about a silver print with a bit of fading and coloring—-sort of a patina that can occur as the chemical effects begin to change and which causes the print to be one-of-a-kind no matter how many digital copies are made.


Nora Jones and the Willies made a wonderful recording which we posted in  2013 (click “view original” below)  with this image, but here is something that also fits.  It is from a tribute by Paul McCartney  and Eric Clapton  to George Harrison who wrote the song  “Something:”    Harrison liked ukuleles.

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Captiva Island.  By Paul Goldfinger  © Captiva Island. By Paul Goldfinger ©


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Lion Tamer.


A remarkable photo from his circus series by Moe Demby of Ocean Grove who was on assignment for a major New Jersey newspaper. He is now a member of the Blogfinger staff.

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By Moe Demby  @Blogfinger.  From the Circus Series. ©   By Moe Demby @Blogfinger. From the Circus Series. ©

AARON WEINSTEIN  from his album  “A Handful of Stars”     George Gershwin’s “Someone to Watch Over Me.”

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Rain will continue Wednesday morning then become light and likely end around midday as we get a brief break with some milder weather Wednesday afternoon

Meanwhile an arctic cold front will approach the area from the northwest Wednesday night.   Rain Wednesday evening will change to sleet for a couple of hours and then over to snow from north to south in the timeframe between midnight and 5am early Thursday morning.  In the local Monmouth County area, this changeover to snow looks to occur around 3am or 4am.

Snow continues Thursday with final snow accumulations of 4 to 8 inches likely across the entire state, with central and southern section having a better chance of seeing the higher end of that range.

The snow will continue, but become lighter Thursday afternoon.  Temperatures will be falling through the 20s during the day on Thursday.

A cold day follows on Friday before sunshine and moderating temperatures over the weekend.

Source: Modified from Rick Cuttrell’s forecast, Tri-State Storm Watch

By Paul Goldfinger.  Untitled.  2015. ©

By Paul Goldfinger. Untitled. 2015. ©

STACEY KENT.  This song, written by Hoagy Carmichael in 1939, was performed in the 1952 film Las Vegas Story by Charmichael and Jane Russell (va-va-voom!)

Don’t cross Sissy.

Virginia 'Sissy' Majewski is one of Ocean Grove's 2  crossing  guards. She has been crossing school children  for 20 Years. A very important job.  Thank you Sissy!   Photo by Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff . ©

Virginia ‘Sissy’ Majewski is one of Ocean Grove’s two crossing guards. She has been crossing school children for 20 years. A very important job. Thank you Sissy! Photo by Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff . ©




By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger


We are taking an interest in this subject because there is concern that a free and open Internet might be threatened by FCC (i.e. government) regulatory interference.

For some of you who have recently commented on Blogfinger  (BF article on net neutrality ) about this, you believe that there is nothing to worry about because those new regulations will protect the Internet in this country and keep it open and equal for all.

Some of us have pointed out on BF that we live in an era of increasing government size and control over our lives, so we are skeptical that this FCC takeover, with its secret pile of 300 regulatory pages, is a good thing.

Just read Carol Rizzo’s comments, which she initiated on BF  (link above), framing the matter as having to do with the increasing usage of the Internet for healthcare. She suggested an AP piece   (  article explains new FCC rules )  which, she said, clearly explained the FCC involvement.  You should read that piece, but it puts a smiley face on the new plan and stresses that the FCC will protect us from providers which might slow down the speed of the “net” for public users, but that is a problem that hasn’t happened.

I am not an expert on these matters, but I do have a horse in the race—–namely a blog which enjoys freedom of speech and an equal playing field online.

So, we will take a look at some of the opinions expressed at the Wall Street Journal which does offer some expert opinions in opposition to the FCC decision to regulate the Internet. Below is a link to today’s WSJ  (“Liberals Mugged by Obamanet.”)  L. Gordon Crovitz is the author.   A couple of quotes from that piece are below:

“Buyer’s remorse is already setting in for Google and other ‘net neutrality’ proponents.”

“When Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt called White House officials a few weeks ago to oppose President Obama ’s demand that the Internet be regulated as a utility, they told him to buzz off. The chairman of the company that led lobbying for “net neutrality” learned that the Obama plan instead micromanages the Internet.

“Mr. Schmidt is not the only liberal mugged by the reality of Obamanet, approved on party lines last week by the Federal Communications Commission. The 300-plus pages of regulations remain secret, but as details leak out, liberals have joined the opposition to ending the Internet as we know it.

“Until Congress or the courts block Obamanet, expect less innovation. During a TechFreedom conference last week, dissenting FCC commissioner Ajit Pai asked: ‘If you were an entrepreneur trying to make a splash in a marketplace that’s already competitive, how are you going to differentiate yourself if you have to build into your equation whether or not regulatory permission is going to be forthcoming from the FCC? According to this, permissionless innovation is a thing of the past.’

Obamanet. Wall Street Journal editorial.


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