Blogfinger file photo.  July, 2014

Blogfinger file photo. July, 2014


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

We wrote about this subject in July  (see link below)  in response to an inquiry about zoning for Mary’s Place. At that time, no applications had come in to George Waterman, the Neptune Township Assistant Land Use Administrator. He is in charge of zoning determinations.

Mary’s Place plans new facility in Ocean Grove

On August 5, the applications came in, and by August 12, the “approved zoning” stamp was issued by Mr. Waterman including permission to merge two lots into one. The plans by Shore Point Architects were then approved by HPC, and construction will begin in early October.

Mary’s Place is a facility without a category. The memo from the Township refers to it as a “Community Shelter”, but it has characteristics of a spa, a quasi-medical facility, a community residence,  or “a place for women to heal.”

As reported by Blogfinger in July, the zoning on that beach block is single family residential, B and B’s and historic hotels. But, as we reported, the State statutes supersede the Neptune zoning regulations. The state says that “Community residences, shelters, and adult family care homes are permitted uses in residential districts. (state statute #40:55D-66.1).”

Under that heading comes this definition: “Community residences for the developmentally disabled, community shelters for victims of domestic violence, community residences for the terminally ill, community residences for persons with head injuries, and adult family care homes for elderly persons and physically disabled adults shall be a permitted use in all residential districts of a municipality, and the requirements therefore shall be the same as for single family dwelling units located within such districts. “

We asked Mr. Waterman to explain which of the above definitions would Mary’s Place satisfy in order to get zoning approval.

He pointed to  “community residences and shelters” as the main use categories  and then singled out the “terminally ill” part as matching what is done at Mary’s Place. It should be noted that Mary’s Place accepts female clients who have all degrees of cancer.  No medical treatments are conducted there at this time, although Mary’s Place officials speak of creating a place where western and eastern medicine will “compliment” each other.*    Another high official at Neptune Township said that Mary’s Place was approved because it is a sort of “halfway house” as exist for “battered women.”


*NJ.com. September 13, 2014

Photo shoot on the Asbury boards. Blogfinger photo. ©

Color scheme on the Asbury boards. Blogfinger photo. ©  Click photo to enlarge.

CARLY SIMON  “Into White”  from the album of the same name.

Candid shot of these two.  Smile you're on candid camera.  Blogfinger photo.

Candid shot of these two. Smile you’re on candid camera. Blogfinger photo.


Broadway, just west of Pilgrim.  9/6/14  5:45 pm.  by Paul Weinstein

Broadway, just west of Pilgrim Pathway. 9/6/14.   5:45 pm. “The Flea Market Day Flood.”     Photo by Paul Weinstein


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Here is a link to our last article on this subject.

August 23 BF article about Broadway flooding

Since then, the Township has been “working internally” by having the Engineering Department try to figure out how torrential rainstorms result in flooding. They are studying elevations and maps. They want to get “boots on the ground” during the next large rain to witness the flow of surface water. They hope to get a “better understanding of how the water behaves during a high volume storm.” There are some mysteries such as why, during the last big rain, there was flooding west of Beach Ave., but not east of it;  and to find out how water flows from Ocean Avenue west onto Broadway

Vito Gadaleta, the Neptune Township Administrator, is the “liaison” who is coordinating a “team effort” which comprises Engineering, Public Works, the Township Committee, the Broadway Neighborhood Flood Committee and the HOA. He says that no outside engineering consultations will be necessary.

The engineers want to come up with a plan to “detain or redirect” the rapidly flowing surface water (which tends to travel from the northwest part of town to the southeast)  in order to give the existing storm drainage system a chance to handle the occasional high flow situations. One idea would be to create “drop basins” at intersections to “capture the water.” Another idea was for residents to park along the grassy middle area if they know of a storm. Hubert Yang of OG suggested this on BF recently. Gadaleta doubted that citizens  would be ticketed in such a circumstance.  Trying to divert more water from Ocean Avenue into Fletcher Lake is another idea.

He noted that the storm on August 13 was a “five hundred year storm” where 5 inches came down over four hours in the Grove. He said that such a storm was “unheard of and unanticipated.”

Part of the assessment is to conduct a survey of the area using a questionnaire which is being distributed by the Neighbors’ Group and the HOA. The purpose of that is to find out which properties are impacted by flooding and whether they have sump pumps.   He noted that there have been areas west of Beach and Central which have had problems, including Abbott Avenue.

Gadaleta promised that if a large rain is expected, the DPW will go to the flood zone to keep the drains (“inlets”) open, but he did suggest that the residents also try to help, even though they are “not responsible to do so.” (He says that it is like when residents shovel around hydrants when there is a snow storm.)

Once again he stated that there has always been flooding in the Township including areas that are not in Ocean Grove. The Township will do what it can to mitigate such situations, but a total Township flood cure is not possible.

A public meeting regarding the flooding situation will be held in the near future once “substantive” progress has been made in the quest for solutions in the Grove.

* All quotes are by Vito Gadaleta, the Township Administrator.


ALBERT HAMMOND–It seems it even pours in Southern California:





On Blogfinger we are open to new ideas.

On Blogfinger we are open to new ideas.

September 7, 2014.  (Attention is called to the many comments which have been posted since this article first appeared on Sept 7.)   Just look down and click on “comments” to read them.)

What to do think of this idea?

Each property tax payer in Ocean Grove is given only one  windshield sticker  allowing only those stickered  vehicles to be parked on the north side or west side of the streets in Ocean Grove from June 1st of the year until  September,  the day after the flea market?

This would require an ordinance allowing property tax payers to receive  Ocean Grove parking.


Joel T. Scranton

Ocean Grove, New Jersey


TEDDY THOMPSON  from the movie Brokeback Mountain

Should we allow this man of means to park his trailer in the Grove? 


Asbury Park boards.  Sept. 14, 2014.  Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Phone photo on the Asbury Park boards. Sept. 14, 2014.  Paul Goldfinger photo ©

LA TROPICANA ORCHESTRA from My Week With Marilyn.  “Uno, Dos, Tres.”

Till There Was You

Asbury Park Boardwalk. Sunday September 14, 2014. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Asbury Park Boardwalk. Sunday September 14, 2014. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Enlarge by clicking the image.

ETTA JONES.   From The Music Man by Meredith Wilson:




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