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“Easiest Game on the Boardwalk.” Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Paul Goldfinger

I grew up in Bergen County. When we were in high school, we went to Seaside Heights in the summer. We were focused on the girls.

If this were a weather report, we would describe an erogenous zone coming in from the north. We were too young to drink, so we would stand outside the Chatterbox on the boardwalk and hope for the best.

If we did meet some girls, we often thought of them metaphorically in terms of dessert. Take this song for example—by John Pizzarelli, a Jersey Boy, a performer who always has a gleam in his eye:         —PG

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bike-and-bride1 (2)

The biker and the bride: Asbury Park boardwalk. September 14, 2012. Photos by Paul Goldfinger © Reposted from Sept. 2012.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@ Blogfinger.net.

Speaking of bike riding, this guy in Asbury Park was following the white line all the way, not distracted by the events to the left or the right. Personally, I would have stopped and taken a picture. Uh…. actually, that is what I did, but I was walking.   The bike rider was illegal at that time of day, while the wedding party was OK.

One time I walked onto the OG beach to watch and photograph a wedding party that was having a photo shoot by the jetty near the pier.   The father of the bride came down from the pier to yell at me for taking pictures.  I pointed out to him that they were in a public place, so I had every right to take pictures.

He was really mad, and, for me it wasn’t worth having my Leica digital camera tossed into the Atlantic Ocean, so I gave up being a wedding photographer that day.  After all, it is sort of trite.  But who can resist a wedding, especially when it is on the beach or inside the Casino or on the boardwalk?  —-not me, but the biker?  He seems immune to the distraction.    —Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net


flower-girl1 (1)

Flower girl. She stole the show.    © 


Convention Hall Arcade  © Paul Goldfinger photo.  click on image to enlarge.


SOUNDTRACK:  It’s Ed Norton from “Everyone Says I Love You:”

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By Paul Goldfinger, Jazz Editor at Blogfinger.net  (Ocean Grove, NJ)

John Pizzarelli is one of America’s finest jazz guitarists and singers.  We often play his music on Blogfinger.

He will be performing live in Deal on Wednesday, June 29, 2016, 8 pm, at the Axelrod Performing Arts Center, Vogel Auditorium.  I have spoken of this venue before.  It is a wonderful, comfortable small theater—very intimate.  There is not a bad seat in the house.  His group includes his brother Martin on bass and his wife, Broadway star Jessica Molaskey, as backup singer.

This concert will be very special.  You will love it if you like jazz and if you like Paul McCartney.   I don’t know what the ticket availability is now, but you can contact them on line to find out.


Here is one of the songs from the album Midnight McCartney   It is called  “No More Lonely Nights.”


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In this album (May, 2012) John Pizzarelli presents a series of compositions where he combines two songs and works them together. “Harvest Moon” combines the 1992 Neil Young favorite with elements of  “Shine On, Harvest Moon,” a song that is over 100 years old.

—Paul Goldfinger

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