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January 30, 2021.

Letter to the Editor:


“I was surprised to read in the Coaster that the Neptune Township Committee thought it had the power, and (without probable cause), to ask their Business Administrator to start a” FEDERAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION “ of all Township employees, including the Police Department.

Maybe someone should investigate the Township Committee.
Jack Bredin
Jack Bredin is citizen of Ocean Grove and a reporter/researcher for Blogfinger.net

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Ocean Grove , New Jersey. Seeking the truth in a small town. Paul Goldfinger photo © Blogfinger.net

Ocean Grove , New Jersey. Seeking the truth in a small town. Paul Goldfinger photo © Blogfinger.net

To the Editor:

After carefully reading the APP  article linked below as well as a detailed historical account of Jersey Shore Arts Center, it seems to me that QSpot is simply not congruous with the mission of JSAC. From JSAC’s inception, it has exclusively been about promoting the arts in every capacity. Even its newest addition of 2014, wherein a culinary institute was established for training the disabled for employment possibilities is geared towards the culinary “ARTS”.

It seems that anyone and everyone interested in learning about, participating in and generally being a part of the arts world are welcome regardless of race, creed, color or sexual preference. Even the culinary institute which is geared towards the disabled, while focusing on that rubric in particular, would certainly, it seems, welcome a gay or transgender student as well as any other, provided they were disabled. However, from what I gather, while QSpot is peripherally involved in the arts (e.g. – the LGBT film festival), it seems their primary focus and mission is directed towards counseling and serving the LGBT community with emphasis on things like HIV and TG awareness. While this kind of organization is certainly admirable and absolutely necessary, it is NOT in accord with JSAC’s primary mission of promoting the arts.

Even the debate about being asked to remove their rainbow flag hung in solidarity after the Orlando massacre at the gay club is comprehensible in this light because an arts center is for everybody and is about the arts, and any flag which particularizes attention to any group, whether LGBT or the Republican Party or supporters of Israel or Black Lives Matter, is inappropriate in the context of an apolitical organization or building which is about inclusivity for all in the interest of promoting the arts. As soon as flags are flying, no matter how justifiable the cause may be, it is no longer about the arts, it is no longer apolitical, and it is no longer inclusive. Flags are inherently exclusive by nature and can either intentionally or unintentionally alienate certain people, which unquestionably runs athwart of the objective of an arts center for ALL.

This whole conflict seems unfairly contrived against JSAC for the sake of a political agenda. QSpot should just be mature and honest about it and find a new headquarters. Just because society is finally beginning to acknowledge gay rights in a big way, as it should, does NOT mean that every issue involving gay people has to be about their rights or the ostensible impingement of their rights. As someone once wisely said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” and sometimes a non-renewal on a lease is just a non-renewal on a lease.


LEONARD ZUBERMAN is a nom de plume of a writer who lives in Monmouth County.

October 6, 2016

GRIZZLY BEAR  “Easier”   From the movie Blue Valentine

“I know, I know
The doors won’t close
The pipes all froze
Just let it go”

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Jack Bredin offers his opinion at an OGHOA meeting in June, 2010.© Blogfinger photo.

Jack Bredin offers his opinion at an OGHOA meeting in June, 2010.© Blogfinger photo.

To the Editor:

As a new Ocean Grove Home Owners Association (OGHOA) member who attended my first meeting on Saturday, March 26, I decided to check its website today for the meeting minutes. They were posted and I was surprised to read that neither President Ann Horan nor Vice President Barbara Burns had been there (I’d arrived a few minutes late and hadn’t heard all the names of the people running the meeting). According to the minutes, the President and Vice President were “away on vacation,” so “Secretary Richard Williams opened the meeting…”.

While I was at the website, I decided to read the OGHOA bylaws. I found a couple of things that made me wonder why the March 26 meeting was held at all.

Under Article 3, “Meetings,” the bylaws state:

  1. General membership meetings shall be held on the 4th Saturday of every month except when the 4th Saturday is on a holiday weekend, at which time an alternate date will be scheduled.

March 26 was the day before Easter Sunday, so the fourth Saturday of March 2016 clearly fell on a “holiday weekend.” According to the OGHOA’s own bylaws, a general membership meeting should not have been held that day.


I also read under Article 5, “Duties”:

  1. The President shall preside at all meetings.
  1. The Vice-President shall assume all duties of the President in his or her absence and shall assist in every way.

Probably because it was a holiday weekend, neither the President nor the Vice President was there to preside at the meeting. If the President “shall” preside at “all” meetings, and the Vice President “shall assume all duties of the President in his or her absence,” what happens if neither of them is present? Does anyone else have the authority to preside over a general membership meeting of the OGHOA? The bylaws suggest that only the President and Vice President have this authority.

It appears that the March 26 general membership meeting should have been rescheduled, both because the date fell on a holiday weekend and because neither the President nor the Vice President was there to preside.

At the February meeting, Jack Bredin put forth an important motion, proposing that the OGHOA take the position that the State’s Residential Site Improvement Standards (RSIS) be enforced throughout Ocean Grove, with an exemption for single-family homes only.

I’m not certain when it was decided that a vote on Jack’s motion would be held at the March meeting, but in the month between meetings, did no one on the OGHOA Board realize that holding the meeting on a holiday weekend, and when neither the President nor Vice President could be present, would be in violation of the organization’s bylaws?

To see how often both the President and Vice President miss a membership meeting, I reviewed all the minutes posted at the site (they’re posted back to March 2015); March 26, 2016 was the only time this happened. I also checked the meeting dates and the only one held on a holiday weekend was the meeting on March 26.

Is an OGHOA membership vote legitimate and binding when it takes place at a meeting that itself violated OGHOA bylaws?


Ocean Grove, NJ and Cedar Grove, NJ, April 6, 2016

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Ocean Grove, summer 2015. Paul Goldfinger photo © Blogfinger.net.

Ocean Grove, summer 2015. Paul Goldfinger photo © Blogfinger.net.

August 13, 2015,

To the Editor   @Blogfinger.net:

My wife and I along with another couple spent the day in Ocean Grove, NJ. We are from Phillipsburg, NJ and had never been in OG. During the course of the day we sat on a bench facing the ocean as many others do while at the shore.

We were facing lifeguard stand #4, when the clock struck 5 pm. We watched the routine that takes place at the end of a long day in the sun; making sure everyone is safe. My friend and I are both veterans—he Army, me Navy. We are both active in our community with patriotism and Americanism.

We were curious to watch what would be done with the American flag at the end of the shift. We sat in amazement as we watched the lifeguards not only handle the flag properly and respectfully, but we watched them fold the flag in the proper manner.

Very, very impressive! We were so pleased to watch this perfectly executed folding of the flag, we decided to high tail it to the area where the lifeguards from stand #4 store their equipment. We introduced ourselves as veterans and expressed our appreciation and gratitude for the way they conduct themselves on the beach, and for their handling and storing of the American flag. We were informed that all lifeguards perform the same duty and ceremony at their respective stations.

Please know, all veterans, their families, those presently serving and our homeless veterans would be proud of the lifeguards in Ocean Grove.

A true sign of Patriotism and Americanism.

Bill Nixon, US Navy Veteran

Barry Willever, US Army Veteran

Editor’s Note:   Thanks to Bill Nixon and Barry Willever for their service and for their praise of Ocean Grove’s excellent life guards.

OG is traditionally a patriotic place going back to Pres. Teddy Roosevelt and before that to Pres. Grant who spoke to a large group of Civil War veterans in the Auditorium.

Today many Grovers fly American flags with pride, and our glorious July 4 parade, sponsored by the OG Camp Meeting Association, offers a major tribute to our country.  —–Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Main Avenue, Ocean Grove, NJ. July 4, 2015. Paul Goldfinger photo © Blogfinger.net.

Main Avenue, Ocean Grove, NJ. July 4, 2015 parade.   Paul Goldfinger photo © Blogfinger.net.

From Finian’s Rainbow

“On the day I was born, said me father, said he

I’ve an elegant legacy, waitin’ for ye

‘Tis a rhyme for your lips and a song for your heart

To sing it whenever the world falls apart

“Look, look, look to the rainbow

Follow it over the hill and the stream

Look, look, look to the rainbow

Follow the fellow who follows a dream.”


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