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Portrait of Tom. He’s about to make his first cast at the OG shore. 4:30 pm, Sunday, November 5, 2017.  We changed the clocks today—darker sooner. Click to see the face of a happy man.   Paul Goldfinger photo ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.

Late afternoon on a cloudy day at the Ocean Grove South Beach.  There were kids with dads, and guys playing with their dogs in the sand, but overall, the beach was sparsely populated.  Several surf fishermen were out. One was sitting at the edge of the surf talking on his cell phone while watching his line. Can you be in the zone while talking on your cell?  The vibe at the beach was very mellow as the clouds began to darken, and the waves were a bit rambunctious.

Tom Wik lives on Heck Avenue almost close enough to cast from his porch. But he was not keeping his distance as he readied his gear. To fishermen, it is the being there that’s most important.  Catching a fish is secondary.

Tom chose to wait till the end of the day to go surf fishing.  The temperature was about 60 degrees, and given the misty moment, it seemed like Tom picked the perfect time.  Being alone out there might set your mind to wonder why things are as they are.

ART GARFUNKEL:  “I Wonder Why”

“I wonder why it is the sea’s so calm tonight,
The sands are ghostly white
Beneath the moon.
It seems strange to me to stand in endless space,
And know that in this place
I’m held within its timeless sway.”


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Friends let friends enjoy the Grove when they’re away. August 28, 2017. Paul Goldfinger photo. Blogfinger.net ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

As I passed this young woman, she was watering the flowers along the edge of Tent Village in Ocean Grove, NJ, taking her time while her two small children played nearby. She and her family are here, occupying her best friend’s tent, during one of the loveliest times in the Grove—the end of August.  They are from Pennsylvania, and they seemed so happy to be here. Sometimes we have to look around through the eyes of visitors, especially those who get to stay here for awhile.

The temperate weather now is so pleasant:  the light is soft, the breezes gentle, and there is no humidity.  As we have pointed out, there is something ethereal about the Tent Village when it is occupied by soft spoken people, children, flowers, and, oftentimes, by the sweet sounds of the Hope-Jones organ or the voices lifted high coming from inside the Great Auditorium with glorious choral harmonies sometimes accompanied by  symphonic ensembles.

But the effect is sustained mostly by the voices of those who are chatting on porches, kids on skateboards or parents relaxing within the protective safe-zone of the Village.

Abraham visits our backyard pond. He loves to see the fish. Paul Goldfinger portrait. 8/30/17. ©

When I went home and stood in my own garden, a tiny boy, 3 years old, approached me and said hello. His name was Abraham, and as he stood there with me, his mom caught up.  I invited them in to see our pond fish.

Abraham and his family are from Yonkers, NY, and he has been visiting the Grove for the last 3 years, while his parents have been coming for the last 7.  His Mom is originally  from Sweden, and aside from Abraham’s enthusiasm and a three year old’s natural cuteness, he is bilingual.  He pointed to a flying insect and said, “Dragonfly.” He was correct, and his mom took it all in stride.  Abraham and I conversed in Swedish for awhile, and then he went home to sleep.

So, a couple more visitors caught up in OG’s gentle end of summer.

THE BAND PERRY: “Gentle on My Mind”  this version won a 2015 Grammy nomination. It also won Grammies in 1968 for the composer and for Glen Campbell.

“Ever smilin’ ever gentle on my mind
Gentle on my mind
You’re gentle on my mind.”

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Bring your dog to the show---34th Annual Craft Show in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. All photographs by Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger.net ©

Bring your dog to the show—34th Annual Craft Show in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. All photographs by Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger.net © Click all images to enlarge.

This year the craft show was sold out, with over 300 crafters, the largest number ever, happily showing their wares on Ocean Pathway.  The Camp Meeting Association was fortunate to have picture-perfect weather, and the aisles were wider than for the flea market, making it a more pleasant and less congested  experience for strollers, shoppers, and even for photographers.

For the second year, Alison and Mark Mitchell, two tenters, were organizing the event.  They were buzzing around the venue in their bright green shirts making sure that all was well and that no phony-baloneys were lurking about such as anyone importing Chinese-made stuff.

Alison and Mark were on the scene at 5:30 with the traffic crew, bringing them hot coffee and donuts. Crafters received 30 minutes to unload their displays.  We caught up with the dynamic duo  at 10:00 am, as they flitted around the show looking to plug leaks, fix cracks and calm nerves.

Alison Mitchell organized the show with husband Mark. This mother of 3 lives in an OG tent, and she was totally calm amidst the event. ©

Alison Mitchell organized the show with husband Mark. This mother of 3 lives in an OG tent and she was totally calm amidst the tumult.  Mark has been coming to the Grove all his life, and Alison said that they are doing this volunteer job because they “love the Grove..” ©

Only  home crafters were admitted to the show and all of those exhibitors had to be vetted by Mark and Alison.  They had to submit photographs of themselves busy in their workshops.  One artist who worked with steel had the burns on his arms to prove his credentials.

Since all of you are familiar with scenes of craft shows on the Pathway, we concentrated on portraits of some of the artists.

This lovely crafter was demonstrating her collapsible hula-hoop Blogfinger.net ©l

This lovely crafter was demonstrating her collapsible hula-hoop. Her technique was poetry-in-motion, to say the least. Blogfinger.net ©  6/18/16

Contemplative amidst the clatter. © Blogfinger.net

Contemplative amidst the clatter. © Blogfinger.net  6/18/16

Color scheming in turquoise. © Blogfinger.net 6/19/16

Color scheming in turquoise. A Miami vice design?  © Blogfinger.net 6/18/16

The Hoffman sisters from Atlantic Highlands were selling "vintage china with a new purpose." Nancy, (L to R), Cindy, Penny and Sally. © Blogfinger.net.

The Hofman sisters from Atlantic Highlands were selling “Vintage china with a new purpose.” Nancy, (L to R), Cindy, Penny and Sally. TeaTimeTiers@aol.com.© Eileen bought one for her garden.    Blogfinger.net. 6/18/16.

Pretty in blue. © 6/18/16. Blogfinger.net

Pretty in blue. Love the models.  © 6/18/16. Blogfinger.net




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Shady areas are desirable for sales and photography. All photos by Paul Goldfinger of Blogfinger.net ©  May 30, 2015

Shady areas are desirable for sales and photography. All photos by Paul Goldfinger of Blogfinger.net © May 30, 2015.  This event is sponsored by the OG Chamber of Commerce.

It was ground hog day this Saturday morning at the Giant Flea Market on Ocean Pathway.  It always seems the same, although the weather can vary.  Today was a perfect sunny 72 degree day, so the Pathway was mobbed by 10:00 am.

Despite the familiarity of the scene, if you have been there before, there are thousands of little dramas being played out in conversations, body languages and imagery if you are, like me, a people watcher.   Many of the vendors return year after year.

Faces at the Flea Market . ©

Faces at the Flea Market . ©  Paul Goldfinger photo.

The battle to find a parking place is predictable. “Why don’t they have a shuttle?” asked two older women who were walking over from Broadway.

We heard of some people who circled and circled and finally drove away.  Others were figuring out how to find their cars later. Ocean Grove seems baffling to a stranger who is trying to find a landmark, such as the ocean.  “Excuse me, but where is the ocean?” Down the side streets we saw several yard sales going on , trying to capitalize on the flow of people.

Faces at the Flea Market ©

Faces at the Flea Market ©

As a photographer, my challenge is to find something different to photograph, but most of it seems the same.  So I look at the people and hardly look at anything else. There are all ages at at the flea market.  Many young adults are around, but are they spending money?  Supposedly the millennials save a lot and don’t have much disposable income.

Some people spotted my new BF T shirt and offered some compliments about our site.  They were a variety of ages, and that is satisfying to see.

PAUL DESMOND.     There’s lots of stuff at the flea market, but where is love?

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