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The HOA is behind the North End project. They may not be investors, but they are enablers.


By Paul Goldfinger Editor @Blogfinger.net

It turns out that two of the major financial players belonging to OGNED, the North End redeveloper, are part of an investment company called MB1–Capital Partners.  Evidently they were added to WAVE in order to provide needed financing of the OG North End project which was recently unveiled publicly.


The link below will take you to our post on this subject.  It names the four major stockholders in OGNED including Joel Brudner and Christopher T. McCallion, who are part of MB1.

Each of these four own at least 10% of the stock.

OGNED financers

What’s ironic is that 2 of the OGNED partners were among  the main financiers and part owners of the Beach Haus Brewery in Belmar (2014) which replaced the old Freedman’s Bakery.

The ironic part is that these brewsters are now investing in the Grove, one of the driest towns in New Jersey.

Do you think the new North End hotel will serve alcohol?  How loud does money talk at the Mother Ship?

Will the OG blue laws wind up at the bottom of Wesley Lake? Maybe the Township Committee will be revisiting the need for blue laws now that 2020 has arrived.

It’s not unreasonable to consider jettisoning those archaic rules which are there just to satisfy one segment of town.  How about a referendum to find out if the citizens of OG want alcohol and tobacco sold in the Grove and if they want the beaches open all day on Sundays.

And while we are looking at OGNED in more detail, let’s find out who the rest of OGNED are.  That information was promised some time ago, but the Township has not released all that info. How many of them conspired in 2007 to change the North End zoning and how many of them have a track record of building condos without parking in OG?

The North End Re-development Zone is, at heart, a public project. The public should know who is behind the planned North End monstrosity.   Why the secret?



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Rizzo and Lane win the two Neptune Committee seats  by a wide margin.

RIZZO:  3,885

LANE:  3,784

HOGAN:  2,162

MOLL:  2,013


Ocean Grove is districts 1,2, and 3, out of a total of 20.

Ocean Grove voting:

Rizzo:   459

Lane: 411

Hogan: 370

Moll: 246

So, the two incumbents won in OG despite the fact that they and their colleagues have essentially ignored Ocean Grove in their policies.

In the 4 Shark River Hills districts, Moll and Hogan beat Rizzo and Lane, but the Midtown districts rolled over the Repubs by wide margins.

For example in Midtown south, Moll and Hogan got 19 votes combined, while the two Dems got 521.

This one sided election provides even more justification for secession because the chances of having even-handed representative government for many Neptune citizens are minuscule.

You, our readers, can comment and tell us what you think about these results.  And for those who voted for the incumbents how about telling us why.  You can do that using your actual names or pseudonyms.

Meanwhile, if you cared enough to vote, then you might consider attending Township Committee meetings to see for yourselves what single party rule is doing to Ocean Grove.

Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net


Original Broadway Cast:  “The Bum Won.”




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Will we allow Neptune to continue dumping the Grove into their dumpster?  Paul Goldfinger photo.© October, 2018.


Paul Goldfinger, Editor @ Blogfinger.net

Two incumbents are up for re-election to the Neptune Township Committee. Their dominance will not be cast aside.

This one-party rule will perpetuate a habit of ignoring the needs of Ocean Grove residents. They are aided and abetted by a number of OG organizations that pursue self interests rather than promoting the OG community of citizens. We have identified them many times in the past. This coupled with public apathy allows our historic town to twist in the wind, blown around without direction.

I guess most people who live here are happy enough with the town to not worry much about its heart, soul, and future.

It looks like nothing positive will come of the November election as far as Ocean Grove is concerned.  And that will send a message to that one- party crowd that sits elevated in their Comedy Room that caring about OG is not worth their effort.





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