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By Paul Goldfinger, MD.   Blogfinger.net.  October 13, 2020:

There is an open seat on the Neptune Committee. The election is November 3 or by paper ballot.  One candidate is a Republican— Gary Moll, while the other is a Democrat named Keith Cafferty.  When it comes to Ocean Grove, does anyone have a clue as to what they stand for?

I have a dim view of the Neptune Committee, but the worst of it is single party rule. A dissenting voice is needed. Single party rule is bad governance, especially as it pertains to the abuse of Ocean Grove.

The last dissenter was a Democrat MaryBeth Jahn who opposed the North End Plan and wanted single family homes.  She was dismissed for that;  the County Dems dumped her for straying off the reservation.

Now, in a Democratic conspiracy, Kevin McMillan has been replaced by Cafferty.

In 2016 Brantley and Williams were elected to the Committee. This is from a Blogfinger article at that time:

In 2016, the Committee will remain all Democratic. Neptune used to be solidly Republican. Now it is the most Democratic town in Monmouth County. Some say that party politics are not important in local elections, but don’t believe it. If you look at the Facebook page of Brantley and Williams, after winning, they said, “Democratic residents of Neptune. This was a victory for you.”

In my opinion, local governance should not be based on political party, and that is why, typically, campaign signs for local office have not mentioned party affiliation in the past.

But now Cafferty puts “Democrat” on all his signs, signalling what his preference will be on the Committee. He also has put his name on signs that say Biden/Harris.

For a local office such as Committeeman, the main priority should be what’s best for the folks, not what’s best for the party.

Carol Rizzo, when accepting the position of Neptune Mayor in 2019, asserted that her Committee would be “bipartisan,”  but that, by definition, is nonsense. Rizzo, interestingly, almost experienced a “McMillan” when the Dems nearly dumped her in 2019.  Clearly that party in Neptune is unstable and untrustworthy.

Regarding Ocean Grove,  if elected, Cafferty or Moll,  would face many non-political issues:  zoning, land use, parking, safety, police, Wesley Lake, quality of life, condofication, and North End among others.

These issues, other than perhaps taxes,  should have nothing to do with party ideology.

The worst thing for us would be to have Cafferty in office to stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of that secretive and monolithic crew.

At this point there would be nothing either of the candidates could say regarding the local issues that would be compelling because they are both ignorant of life in the Grove.

That leaves me with one issue: single party rule.   Put a Republican into that seat—at least it would give us a chance to have someone watching over the gruesome foursome.

If we are lucky, we could hope for a whistle blower to keep the faith with the Grove, not to be political, but to be an honest broker of the truth.

This is what I said one year ago about the Neptuners at the Mother Ship—-on Blogfinger, and it still applies:

“What we want to hear at Blogfinger is a promise from the Township Comedy to stop fiddling around and to actually do something  to help those who live in town, who pay taxes, and who endure the horrid congestion which Neptune has allowed to torment us during prime season, and to admit that parking is just part of our situation which includes the condofication of our historic properties, the smothering of life styles in town due to oppressive tourist invasions, the violations of land use laws including zoning fraud, endless approvals of street closures, endless giant mega-events that seem like the New Jersey State Fair has come to town every Saturday in season, and disinterest in the cultural and historic prerogatives which are missing from the fabric of this potentially most unique town.”

DWIGHT YOAKAM.   “Understand Your Man.”  From  Kindred Spirits-A Tribute to the Songs of Johnny Cash..

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There is a transparency problem at Neptune’s Mother Ship; especially where OG is concerned.


Vito Gadaleta, the Neptune Business Administrator, participated in the HOA ZOOM session on May 30.   72 attendees  heard his presentation.  He was introduced before the CMA, but his participation was minimal because there were few questions for him.

He started out by patting his team on the back.  “We have done a great job in providing services,” he said.

The Municipal Building will be closed through June, but the staff will be back on June 8.

The next Township Committee meeting will be on June 15, also by the virtual method.  They want to modify the process  of receiving  questions from the public.  You will be able to text questions during the meeting.  They had been accepting emails before the last meeting, but they prefer to simulate the usual way where questions come from those who attend; in this case via electronics.

There is a lot of interest in  how the Township will handle short term rentals.  He suggested you read  guidelines available at the Neptune web site: Neptunetownship.org.   There was no mention about a growing situation:  Airbnb rentals in the Grove.

As far as “keeping tabs ” on those short term rentals, the Township will hire a “seasonal code enforcement” official who will visit sites on weekends to verify compliance.  He said that if there are problems with the guidelines, the Township could implement a ban as needed.

Gadaleta was also asked about contact tracing in town, but he said that they are not getting involved in that.

No one asked him why Grovers have not been provided with the numbers for our town:  COVID-19  cases and deaths.

And no one asked him about the DEP rejection of the North End underground garage plan.

Mayor Robert Lane was present, but he had little to say.

The Coaster usually provides verbatim coverage of these HOA meetings.  If you want to read all the bits and pieces, pick up the Coaster.


JAMES TAYLOR.  from his album American Standard recommended by Deb. of Mt. Hermon Way.  “Old Man River” is from Show Boat.


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Rizzo and Lane win the two Neptune Committee seats  by a wide margin.

RIZZO:  3,885

LANE:  3,784

HOGAN:  2,162

MOLL:  2,013


Ocean Grove is districts 1,2, and 3, out of a total of 20.

Ocean Grove voting:

Rizzo:   459

Lane: 411

Hogan: 370

Moll: 246

So, the two incumbents won in OG despite the fact that they and their colleagues have essentially ignored Ocean Grove in their policies.

In the 4 Shark River Hills districts, Moll and Hogan beat Rizzo and Lane, but the Midtown districts rolled over the Repubs by wide margins.

For example in Midtown south, Moll and Hogan got 19 votes combined, while the two Dems got 521.

This one sided election provides even more justification for secession because the chances of having even-handed representative government for many Neptune citizens are minuscule.

You, our readers, can comment and tell us what you think about these results.  And for those who voted for the incumbents how about telling us why.  You can do that using your actual names or pseudonyms.

Meanwhile, if you cared enough to vote, then you might consider attending Township Committee meetings to see for yourselves what single party rule is doing to Ocean Grove.

Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net


Original Broadway Cast:  “The Bum Won.”




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Missing is the Mayor who is out in the audience berating a citizen.

By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor@Blogfinger.


In a bizarre example of what passes for journalism at the Quoaster, the paper filled 3/4 of a page on an assessment of 4 candidates for 2 seats on the Neptune Committee in November.

It is bizarre because the report does not explain how the information was obtained.  It is written as if all the candidates were together for a forum/ debate  interview session with the Quoaster.  But is that how it was done, or did the reporter conduct interviews with the 4 individually, by phone or in person, or maybe 2 at a time by party, by phone or in person.?

Or were the quotes obtained by sending each candidate a list of questions and then receiving the answers by email and then writing the report as if it were a sort of conversation.

I expect it was the latter, because the “reporter” did not report on any questions which he asked the candidates and then had a conversation with followup questions. At no time were the answers challenged  by the reporter. This is not journalism.

Regardless of how the information was gathered, there is one bottom line which should interest us:  at no time was Ocean Grove or its issues mentioned.

What were mentioned were: taxes, bond ratings, safety, quality of life, attracting new businesses, fighting crime, police resources, crime stats, empty storefronts, Midtown development, and candidates credentials.

If you want to read the report, pick up the Coaster.  Note that the candidates  barely mentioned political party in this report.  Maybe they all want to pretend that political affiliation has no bearing locally, but these days it does, and having 5 Dems run the town does not allow for bipartisan thinking, representation, and philosophy.

Qoaster quote:   ” Rizzo said she thinks the committee operates  in a bipartisan manner when it comes to important issues.”     Really?

The two Democratic incumbents are Robert Lane and Carol Rizzo , and two Republican challengers are Kendra Hogan and Gary Moll.

All 4 candidates will appear together at the Ocean Grove HOA meeting on Saturday, October 26.   Who knows if there will be sanity at that meeting after the last session where OGNED was allowed to skirt relevant questions from the audience.

Hopefully citizens will ask  pointed questions about OG issues including permit parking, DEP permission for the recent Lake Avenue easement, North End Redevelopment Plan which snatched the proper zoning away from the people, and lack of transparency by the current crew which has shown little concern for the people of Ocean Grove.

I have little hope that the challengers  will know anything about OG’s problems, unless they surprise us later, but this report doesn’t raise any hope.

However,  the challengers should be elected just to have some opposing voices on the Committee.  But their chances seem slim. However, a strong OG vote for them would send a message if not provoke a wake up call for the Neptune Committee.




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