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There is a transparency problem at Neptune’s Mother Ship; especially where OG is concerned.


Vito Gadaleta, the Neptune Business Administrator, participated in the HOA ZOOM session on May 30.   72 attendees  heard his presentation.  He was introduced before the CMA, but his participation was minimal because there were few questions for him.

He started out by patting his team on the back.  “We have done a great job in providing services,” he said.

The Municipal Building will be closed through June, but the staff will be back on June 8.

The next Township Committee meeting will be on June 15, also by the virtual method.  They want to modify the process  of receiving  questions from the public.  You will be able to text questions during the meeting.  They had been accepting emails before the last meeting, but they prefer to simulate the usual way where questions come from those who attend; in this case via electronics.

There is a lot of interest in  how the Township will handle short term rentals.  He suggested you read  guidelines available at the Neptune web site: Neptunetownship.org.   There was no mention about a growing situation:  Airbnb rentals in the Grove.

As far as “keeping tabs ” on those short term rentals, the Township will hire a “seasonal code enforcement” official who will visit sites on weekends to verify compliance.  He said that if there are problems with the guidelines, the Township could implement a ban as needed.

Gadaleta was also asked about contact tracing in town, but he said that they are not getting involved in that.

No one asked him why Grovers have not been provided with the numbers for our town:  COVID-19  cases and deaths.

And no one asked him about the DEP rejection of the North End underground garage plan.

Mayor Robert Lane was present, but he had little to say.

The Coaster usually provides verbatim coverage of these HOA meetings.  If you want to read all the bits and pieces, pick up the Coaster.


JAMES TAYLOR.  from his album American Standard recommended by Deb. of Mt. Hermon Way.  “Old Man River” is from Show Boat.


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