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Rizzo and Lane win the two Neptune Committee seats  by a wide margin.

RIZZO:  3,885

LANE:  3,784

HOGAN:  2,162

MOLL:  2,013


Ocean Grove is districts 1,2, and 3, out of a total of 20.

Ocean Grove voting:

Rizzo:   459

Lane: 411

Hogan: 370

Moll: 246

So, the two incumbents won in OG despite the fact that they and their colleagues have essentially ignored Ocean Grove in their policies.

In the 4 Shark River Hills districts, Moll and Hogan beat Rizzo and Lane, but the Midtown districts rolled over the Repubs by wide margins.

For example in Midtown south, Moll and Hogan got 19 votes combined, while the two Dems got 521.

This one sided election provides even more justification for secession because the chances of having even-handed representative government for many Neptune citizens are minuscule.

You, our readers, can comment and tell us what you think about these results.  And for those who voted for the incumbents how about telling us why.  You can do that using your actual names or pseudonyms.

Meanwhile, if you cared enough to vote, then you might consider attending Township Committee meetings to see for yourselves what single party rule is doing to Ocean Grove.

Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net


Original Broadway Cast:  “The Bum Won.”




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The October meeting of the Ocean Grove Home Owners Association will be held on Saturday, October 26 at the

Community Room, adjacent to the Pathway Market, at 10:00 a.m.
  All candidates for election to the Neptune Township Committee and the Monmouth County Board of Freeholders have been invited to participate.
The candidates for Neptune Township Committee are:
Kendra Hogan(R)                Robert Lane (D)*
Gary Moll (R)                      Carol Rizzo (D)*
The candidates for Monmouth County Board of Freeholders are:
Thomas Arnone (R)*            Dominick DiRocco (R)
Moira Nelson (D)                  Michael Penna (D)

COLE PORTER      Show the Committee that anything doesn’t go:

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