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Cindy (L) and Eileen. Ocean Grove. By Paul Goldfinger © Blogfinger.net

Cindy (L) and Eileen. Mt. Hermon Way.. By Paul Goldfinger © Blogfinger.net   Click to enlarge


ASHLEY GRAMINS:   From album Mama Rocks!


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Summer tents. August 22, 2015. ©

Summer tents. August 22, 2015. ©  By Paul Goldfinger.  Click to enlarge.

Paul Goldfinger,  Editor, Blogfinger.net

The OG summer tents are sought after by painters, photographers, tourists, renters, historians, strollers, bikers,  and others. Our tents are unique.   From a photographer’s point of view, we look for new ways of seeing the tents;  we try to be creative with lighting and composition.  It’s not easy to come up with something different, but that is what we require at this Ocean Grove website where photography is used more than words to describe our town.

When I submitted a “plain vanilla” portrait of the tents for the book “New Jersey 24/7” I was surprised that the image was one of the winners, but then I realized that those of us who live here are a bit jaded, like New Yorkers who take the Empire State Building for granted.

But for you OG photographers, Blogfinger will continue looking for fresh ways of seeing our historic and beautiful tents.

ADAM LEVINE   “No One Else Like You .”  From the film Begin Again

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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

This was originally posted in June, 2015 on BF.  But each year we  pay attention to girls in their summer clothes. It is a tradition for our seashore community.

Ocean Grove beach, late 1800's. Courtesy of Ted Bell's book: Images of America---Ocean Grove. © 2000.

Ocean Grove beach, late 1800’s.     Courtesy of Ted Bell author of: Images of America—Ocean Grove. © 2000.

Source: hanging at the HSOG museum. Blogfinger photo

Source: hanging at the HSOG museum. Blogfinger photo

By contrast, here is a photograph taken in summer, 2018  on the OG boards.  What a difference 140 years can make in beach fashions:

Coup de foudre: (“Love at first sight.)    Paul Goldfinger photo. Summer, 2018. OG boards. ©

The June day in 2015   (below) started out rainy and chilly, but later in the day it became Sunny and Cher;  it warmed up a bit, but it was still windy.

I went on the boardwalk and saw lifeguards at their stations. A green flag was flying along with “Old Glory.” But no one was swimming. In fact no one was in the water.

OG lifeguards. 6/6/15 Blogfinger photo ©

OG lifeguards. 6/6/15 Blogfinger photo © All photographs  by Paul Goldfinger, Editor @ Blogfinger.   (except for the one by Ted Bell dated 1880.)   Click to enlarge all photos.

I walked up to one of the lifeguard stands and joked with the guards who stayed at their post, like soldiers guarding a “no-man’s land.” An older guard, “Cowboy Dave” was sitting in the rescue boat, 10 gallon hat on and blue sunglasses, but he was facing the water. He is either the first or the last in the lifeboat.  He said that he is from OG and that this is his 16th summer as a lifeguard. He reminds me of Robert Duvall smelling napalm in the morning. (Apocalypse Now)

Cowboy Dave. 6/06/15. Blogfinger photo ©

Cowboy Dave. 6/06/15. Blogfinger photo ©

I asked him if he saw any bathing beauties go by, because all that was out there was the surf. He pointed to some young ladies about 100 yards away who were the only ones on the beach, to the north. Clearly this was not a “no-woman’s land.”

They wore some pretty small bathing suits, so it seemed like a good public interest news photo- op for Blogfinger.

OG bathers. (Left to right) Hannah, Tui, Danielle, and Amelia. 6/6/15. Blogfinger photo ©

OG bathers. (Left to right) Hannah, Tui, Danielle, and Amelia. 6/6/15. Blogfinger photo ©  Click image to enlarge the bathing  suits.

When I walked to their location, it seemed like I should ask them why they are in Ocean Grove on such a bleak day. I was thinking that they looked like they should be in Asbury Park. I did not comment on their attire, but you can’t help but notice that this is much different than 1880.

As it turns out, they are coeds who are camping at Allaire State Park where they are renting a yurt. They were having a great time just being together and laughing and talking and telling yurt jokes. They said that they preferred Ocean Grove’s beach to any others. One of them had come to OG as a child.

They especially singled out Days Ice Cream and the summer tents as favorite spots. I only had one BF card which I gave them to photograph and share.

I said goodbye and walked back to the lifeguards offering to sell them the names of the young ladies. They seemed interested, but ultimately I suggested that they get the names themselves.

So who says that we live in Ocean Grave? It’s time to bury that nickname.

Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Saturday, June 6, 2015, Ocean Grove beach.


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Barbara and Michelle at Seasons General Store in OG. Barbara cracks herself up. 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

Barbara  (L) and Michelle at Seasons General Store in OG. Barbara cracks herself up. 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©


You've gotta have friends. Heidi (L) and Eileen on Main Avenue. Undated photo by Paul Goldfinger

You’ve gotta have friends. Grovers Heidi (L) and Eileen on Main Avenue. Undated photo by Paul Goldfinger


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Blogfinger photographer Prosper Bellizia spotted this array of flags in Ocean Grove's tent colony. July 2015. ©

Blogfinger photographer Prosper Bellizia spotted this array of flags in Ocean Grove’s tent colony. July 2015. ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Ocean Grove is a patriotic place as judged by American flags flying all over town. It seemed to me that the flags had become less numerous around the Grove,  and now are more evident, although our population probably at least doubles each summer.  We always fly the flag at our home, and so do some of our neighbors.

And of course there is the electric flag in front of the Great Auditorium behind the choir loft.  I have observed the crowds at Saturday night concerts  look around in wonder as the electric flag is lit and several thousand people sing the National Anthem inside that acoustically glorious building. When the flag lights up there are looks of amazement on many faces, and you can almost feel the goose bumps bumping around the hall.

I guess OG was always like that.   If you read about the Presidents who came here including Teddy Roosevelt who assembled the Rough Riders on Ocean Pathway, and the speeches given by President Grant, Wilson and others, you can appreciate that the flags flying around town are a part of the town’s patriotic history. It represents certain roots that many of you value, judging from our piece about Sunday beach closures.

FYI there is a wonderful flag store where you can find a huge selection plus all the poles and hardware you could need. Their flags are made in America.  It is called Kempton Flags at 2800 Ridgewood Road in Wall Township.  (it is on Rt. 34 north side)   http://www.kemptonflag.com.   It is not far from OG.    They will dispose of your old flags, but you can also do that at the Municipal Building in Neptune  (the town, not the planet.)

AARON WEINSTEIN.   “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”  from his album A Handful of Stars. The reference to a handful of stars reminds me of the 13 original ones on our nation’s first flag.

Aaron Weinstein made this first album when he was nineteen years old and still in music school. He was so talented that the  publishers gave him full discretion to choose musicians, etc in the making of the album.

I saw Aaron perform live at the Axelrod Art Center in Deal in 2013.  He had just turned 28.

And below is a link to a jazz post on BF from last year where Weinstein is mentioned.

jazz article link

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From Val Green:  “When we were renovating the Ocean Plaza in 1993-94 a flag was found under the wrap-around porch.  It now is hanging framed at the Jack Green Real Estate office.  We have been told it was from 1876 but we do not know for sure.”

It looks as if the flag should have been turned over to the other side, but perhaps this was the clearest view.

Kathy Arlt, archivist at the HSOG, says that this flag was probably one that was made to celebrate the centennial.  She sent an internet image that looks like Val’s flag–and the date is similar: 1877.

Internet image. Courtesy of Kathy Arlt

Thank you to Val Green.

If you have any OG memorabilia, please let us know.             PG

And now ladies and germs:  John Phillip Sousa’s Washington Post March by the U.S. Marine Corps Band  (oorah!  Semper Fi)

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