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From Val Green:  “When we were renovating the Ocean Plaza in 1993-94 a flag was found under the wrap-around porch.  It now is hanging framed at the Jack Green Real Estate office.  We have been told it was from 1876 but we do not know for sure.”

It looks as if the flag should have been turned over to the other side, but perhaps this was the clearest view.

Kathy Arlt, archivist at the HSOG, says that this flag was probably one that was made to celebrate the centennial.  She sent an internet image that looks like Val’s flag–and the date is similar: 1877.

Internet image. Courtesy of Kathy Arlt

Thank you to Val Green.

If you have any OG memorabilia, please let us know.             PG

And now ladies and germs:  John Phillip Sousa’s Washington Post March by the U.S. Marine Corps Band  (oorah!  Semper Fi)

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