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Paul Goldfinger, MD.

LOCATION:   Checkout lane at Publix, a Florida grocery chain–like Wegmans, but not so upscale.  I wanted to pay for a few items. I was masked as was the cashier. The store was not crowded.

One person was finishing in front of me, and then an elderly woman. (older than I) entered my lane, dragging her cart, and she wound up about 2 feet behind me.    I turned toward her and realized that she had no mask on. One juicy cough and I could be in the hospital.


Me:  Could you please back up.

She:  Why should I?

Me: You are supposed to be wearing a mask and moving back 6 feet.

She: I don’t believe in that.

Me:  Well I do.

She:  You have nothing to fear because you have a mask.

Me:  Where did you get your medical degree?

She:  (scowling). moves back about 10 feet and says, dripping sarcasm, “Is this far enough for you?”

Me to the cashier: “She’s arguing with me about distancing”

He:  Says nothing–just “That will be $5.11.”

Me. I pay quickly and vanish out the front door where the air is fresh and warm, and parking is plentiful.  (People in Florida are avoiding shopping as much as possible.)




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Scene:  Wegmans coffee bar. A mom is placing her one year old into a shopping cart. She is annoyed.

Baby:  Goo la la

Mom:  The seat belt is broken. Your father found us a defective cart.

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