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By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor Blogfinger.net

Porta Potty’s are serviced daily by the boardwalk. Blogfinger photo. 7/27/20.©


Watching the Porta Potty show. 7/27/20. Blogfinger photo. ©


Scene:  OG Boardwalk at 8:30 am, Monday, 7/27/20.  A family consisting of a father carrying an infant and a mom talking to a 3 year old son who is quite attentive. She is kneeling down explaining what the man with the big truck is doing by the curb.

It turns out that the man is servicing the Porta Johns by hosing them down with, I suspect, a disinfectant. He wears body protection and heavy duty gloves, but no mask.  (Yikes!)

I walk a little closer to mom and this is what transpired:

Me:  Hi.  How old is your son? Two?

She: He’s three.  His name is Logan.

Me: How old was he when he first spoke?

She: 1 1/2

Me: Wow.

Just then the little boy takes an interest in me and walks over.  He tugs on my shorts leg, points to the truck,  and says,  “Poopie truck!”  We all laughed.


Then, I notice a TV crew interviewing people on the boardwalk and the pier.  One man was videoing and the other was warming up the next customer.

I approached one of the men:

Me:  Hi, I’m a journalist in Ocean Grove.   Can you tell me what’s going on?

He:  We’re from Channel 12 and we are doing the weather.

Me:  Why here? Is there a story here?

He: No.  We just like to change locations.  (He’s sweating and goes in and out of his van, I guess for the AC. The motor is running by the curbside at the boards.   Unlike most TV trucks I’ve seen, this one is white with no writing. But you can guess what it is because there is a sort of flying saucer sitting on top.)

Me: “It must be sort of dull doing the weather. After all, weathermen have been talking about the same thing since the Stone Age.”

He, not taking the bait regarding my historical reference, nods and goes back into the truck.


Getting ready for a man-on-the-street interview. Actually a woman-on-the-pier. Blogfinger photo.


I follow onto the pier and overhear a piece of that interview, and the woman is talking about parking. (Oh no, not more of that!)


As I head back towards my car, I observe the same morning parade of young women in their summer shorts/black tights,  jogging either north or south, pony tails flying in the breeze, perfect bodies bouncing about.  A few shirtless guys join the parade.   I see no kids jogging. And a few seniors are tempting fate.   Hardly anyone wears a mask.


7/27/20 Kids head down to the surf. Staff is present. Blogfinger photo.

Over at the Boardwalk Pavilion. at about 10:30, a gaggle of kids is being herded from the boards onto the beach. This is obviously a CMA activity, and I see no kids distancing or wearing masks, but they are moving quickly towards the surf.

Isn’t it funny that the CMA’s Badger told an APP reporter that his organization is much too sensible not to follow all the Covid rules.

I hope they know what they are doing!


CAST OF THE LAST FIVE YEARS:   “A Summer in Ohio.”








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Superhero with green cape. Mom holds the cape so Superhero can wash his feet. Paul Goldfinger photo reporting live from a bench on the boards. ©

Superhero with green cape. Mom holds the cape so Superhero can wash his feet. Paul Goldfinger photo reporting live from a bench on the new OG boards. ©  2014 posted on Blogfinger.net.


By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor.

Scene:  People leaving the beach in Ocean Grove.  Before climbing the stairs at Main Avenue, many stop to wash their feet. The water spray is close to the exit, causing some congestion.  A family was leaving, and one of that group was a little superhero with a bright green cape.

He was struggling a bit because the cape was getting in the way of washing his feet.

Mom :  “Superhero, you have to lift your cape.”


Finally Superhero made it onto the boardwalk where he ran around, a mile a minute, so that his cape would fly through the air behind him.

Superhero moments before he flied away.

Superhero moments before he let go of mom and flew away. Blogfinger photo ©

SOPHIE ZELMANI   “It’s Always You”  from My Best Friend’s Wedding

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Paul Goldfinger ©. c 2015. Asbury Park seen from Founders Park in Ocean Grove.

Scene:  Friday night, Labor Day weekend, 2017, on our porch in OG.  It’s 10 pm and it is dark out. There is an orange streetlight at our corner, and the moon is 3/4 full. But looking west on Mt. Hermon Way  (North End) it’s quite dark.

My son Stephen has been walking his dog Poojah in Firemen’s Park when he stops  to converse with a young woman who can’t find her car.

She’s been visiting a friend on Lake Avenue in A. Park.

She crosses the bridge to the Grove and finds Stephen.  He invites her onto our porch while they discuss her situation.  He calls me down.

Stephen said, “Dad, I don’t know the geography around here; can you help?”

She is in her twenties and she is alone. She is petite and pretty and she is calm and confident. She is lucid and oriented, but she doesn’t share her name.

She:  “I can’t find my car  (smiling.)  I parked it over here on a street named White-something.”

Me:  (thinking, she must mean Whitefield, one block away).   I can tell her where to go, but we are worried about her in the dark.   “Can I drive you around to find your car?”

She: “No thanks, just tell me where to walk.  You know, I crossed the bridge from here  into Asbury  because here the  parking  is free.”

Me:  (thinking–I’m glad she is comfortable enough in our town to trust us.)

“Just go down a block to find Whitefield  Avenue”

She: “Thanks so much, guys.”

She begins to walk into the darkness.

We watch her disappear.

MEL CARTER      “I Worry About You.”

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