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Ocean Grove beach. June 28, 2015. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Ocean Grove beach.  By Paul Goldfinger © Click once to enlarge.







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Asbury Park High School.  By Paul Goldfinger, September  2012


Re-post from 2012 when high school was a different experience than 2020.

Remember the song “See You in September?”   Well, high school is where you go when summer vacation is over.  And how dangerous was the 2020 summer moon above?

Next year buy a dog — they love you and they are faithful.   — PG

From the soundtrack of “American Graffiti” it’s the Tempos:

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From American Graffiti

From American Graffiti

THE HAPPENINGS had the biggest hit with this song in 1966, but the first version in 1959 was by the Tempos, and it is their version that was in American Graffiti.  Below are the Happenings because their recording is better.

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