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This is what Ocean Pathway should look like. Paul Goldfinger photo © Blogfinger.net   Click image to enlarge.


From Liquid Church Instagram




6/3/19  Ocean Grove, NJ



I have never seen neighbors  on the Ocean Pathway as angry as they are now. And, they are concerned that leaders from Liquid Church (LC) say they will be back every weekend.   LC’s website proudly announces that they are branching out into Monmouth County via Ocean Grove.

Residents ask why the Town was ever alerted to this activity as they have been to other events, such as the Flea Market.

Neighbors on the Pathway were appalled to see some seven food trucks (some with neon and offensive signs) blocking off streets and feeding hundreds on he lawn.  The beach was overwhelmed (no badge checkers.) Cars were parked illegally. Piercing, loud noises were broadcast from the Auditorium.

One neighbor went to the service and said there was nothing but loud music and screaming. The neighbors said the entire program was a pitch for members and it sounded like a cult.  There were lots of teens in the group.

By the way, the LC website implies that they welcome LGBTQ which I find ironic given the Camp Meeting’s closed views. (Perhaps Camp Meeting didn’t do their homework or CM is desperate for money, assuming LC is renting facilities.)

Neighbors here don’t care about LC’s mission, they just don’t want them invading our lawns, beach, streets, and facilities which we pay taxes and CM fees to maintain and enjoy.

Another underlying issue—Why was Saturday night entertainment removed in favor of the Liquid Church fiasco?


Sincerely, OG Resident.


TONY BENNETT:  This song supplies the mood that we usually expect in the Grove–especially on a Sunday at the Ocean Pathway.



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Sunday owning at the corner of Heck and Benson. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

Sunday morning at the corner of Heck and Benson. The shirt says, “Fun.”   Paul Goldfinger photo. ©  May 31, 2015. Re-post.   Ocean Grove, NJ.  Blogfinger.net

The official program booklet of the OGCMA mentions nothing special for Sunday, May 31, but there is something special going on.  Driving around town this morning there are guides in the streets and at key corners wearing colorful T shirts and leis. They seem to be mostly young happy people who are carrying white arrows to direct visitors to shuttle buses and to the Great Auditorium for an 11:00 am church service.

The Liquid Church is based at 4 campuses in New Jersey and it offers a Christian message at their service this morning which includes live music and a sermon by their founder Pastor Tim. After the service they are holding a picnic on the Pathway and then, later, baptisms on the beach.

We spoke to a group of them who were directing drivers and walkers to the GA. They were thrilled to be in the Grove—it was the first visit for many.  Since they were acting as guides, I gave them the Blogfinger OG geography exam question, “Where is the ocean?” They all passed the test.

One young man was enamored with our town, noting how friendly and beautiful it is.  He said, “I’d like to have a house here.”


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