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Meg Baker (CBS News) interviews Joyce Klein* ( foreground) on Jersey Joyce’s porch in Ocean Grove. Overhead is the Bronx Botanical Garden. 5/26/16. © Paul Goldfinger photo.


The letter below is from Joyce Klein, Chair of the HOA Parking Committee. She is reporting on an HOA breakfast meeting which was held on Saturday, August 26, 2017.

“To all of you who have made your voices heard about the parking issues in OG at the Township Committee meetings so far–THANK YOU!

“I think that we are making progress. As Committeeman Rob Lane said this morning at the HOA breakfast, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease…..” We need to continue to be the squeaky wheel when it comes to parking. The Camp Meeting’s statement at the last meeting opposing permits and threatening an unspecified law suit can not be met with silence. We need to make it clear to the Township Committee that they should not be cowed by the threat of a frivolous law suit, but should instead implement a pilot permit parking program to see if it works. My prediction is that it will help and will not cause the horrors suggested by the CMA and other naysayers.

“I am hopeful that the Township Committee will see fit to have further discussions of permits and perhaps other parking solutions in the coming weeks.

“So, if you can make it, please try to come to the meeting and speak up for permit parking on Monday night. Feel free to bring your friends and neighbors. For better or worse, we are not a community of spring chickens, so if you can, or you know someone with mobility or health conditions that make walking a distance from one’s car to one’s home difficult, it would be helpful for the Township Committee to hear from those people.

“As always, if you would like me to text you when it is time for the public comment period, let me know and I will do so.

“Thanks again.


Editor’s note @Blogfinger.  The Neptune Township Committee meeting will be held on Monday, August 28, at 7 pm, Municipal Building.  If you have any spring chickens, bring them along, but no chicken fat please. —–PG


*Joyce Klein interview with CBS News


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