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By  Paul Goldfinger.  Blogfinger.net.

Gloria Lynn (b. 1929-2013) was from New York City.  She started out as a pop singer having a big hit in 1964 with  ”I Wish You Love”  which became her signature song. Later in her career she became known as a jazz singer.

The song was written by the French singer and composer Charles Trenet in 1942, and its first lyrics were in French.

Keely Smith had the first hit in English in 1957, and the song was featured in several movies including the French “Stolen Kisses.”

Ironically, the French version, sung by Mr. Trenet, appeared in the American movie “Something’s Gotta Give,” and we present that version below.

Which do you like better?

—Paul Goldfinger


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Sandy Hook. By Paul Goldfinger.© 2005. Blogfinger.net

Sandy Hook. By Paul Goldfinger.© 2005. Blogfinger.net


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