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Eydie Gormé


Eydie Gormé passed  away in 2013 at the age of 84  (1928-2013).  She became a star at the age of 22.  She had  one of the best voices in popular music. This article is re-posted from August 2013 @Blogfinger.net.

She was born in the Bronx to immigrant parents from Sicily and Turkey. She was fluent in Spanish, and later in her career her Spanish language recordings were more popular than the ones in English.  She became an international star.  Unknown-2

Eydie Gormé performed for most of her career with her husband Steve Lawrence, and everyone knew them as “Steve and Eydie.”  They were a huge draw in Las Vegas.

Her biggest hit was “Blame it on the Bossa Nova,” but here is one of the number one recordings she had in Spanish—in this case recording with the “Trio Los Panchos.”

EYDIE GORMÉ WITH THE TRIO LOS PANCHOS:  “Amor”  This  album is one of her most enduring.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Next August, 2021, at the Axelrod Theater in Deal, Steve and Eydie’s son David Lawrence will be presenting the music of his parents. He will have a songstress performing with him.   Steve Lawrence is 85 years old (1935-) and lives in California.

Steve Lawrence and his son David. 9/19/20.

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Garden Festival. Feb. 8, 2020. Paul Goldfinger photo. © Click to enlarge.


Click to enlarge. Garden Festival 2/8/20. Paul Goldfinger ©


L1005811 (1)

Feb 8, 2020. Edison Estate. Paul Goldfinger photo. Banyan tree in the background. Click to enlarge.


Eileen (L) and sister Hope join Mrs. Tom Edison in her garden. She’s a bit stiff, but friendly nevertheless.  PG Blogfinger photo.


Eileen purchased a tropical plant, a Cordyline–this variety is called “Red Sister”. She met the grower from Vero Beach. Blogfinger photo.


The Edison Garden Festival is one of the largest plant sales in Florida. It occurs each February at the Edison Winter Estate in Fort Myers.  There is a big crowd, but plenty of parking.  There are tours, live music, and the presence of  expert horticulturists from around the state.

The true conversation of today was when a little boy and his Dad approached a massive banyan tree.  The boy said to his dad, “That’s the biggest vegetable I ever seen…”


EYDIE GORME´.   Eydie Vamps the Roaring Twenties. What name will they give the latest (2020) edition of the “twenties.”  


Here’s a Blogfinger tribute to Eydie Gorme´:

Remember Eydie

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