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Ocean Grove, June 23, 2015. Blogfinger photo ©

Ocean Grove, June 23, 2015. Blogfinger photo ©

“Hey, it’s CSI,” said the guy in the street taking pictures.  The DPW truck had rolled up a short time before. The corner of Delaware and Mt. Hermon Way was the scene of the crime.   There had been a drive-by garbage drop. A black plastic bag had splattered on the delicate asphalt of one of OG’s historic intersections, and SPLAT, refuse was spread around into a circular crime scene.

The two special agents from Neptune DPW circled the mess and pondered what to do. Meredith Rosenberg, a neighbor, was observing from a safe distance on the sidewalk as she suggested that they photograph the garbage.

Why, you ask? Well Meredith must watch those CSI shows. She noticed that there was mail in the muck.

“Take a picture of it,” she said. “You can trace the crime back to the criminal.”

When I arrived on the scene, the DPI special agent was bent over taking some macro photos of the mail (Apple calls it macro-mail or the i-Crime solver app.)

The DPI truck rolled away with the evidence, no doubt to get to the lab. After all, without DNA, you can’t get a conviction any more.  Jurors watch TV.

BEBE NEUWIRTH.   From “Chicago the Musical.”


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