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Condos on Sewall Avenue in A. Park March, 2018. Garages enter in the rear.   Blogfinger photo ©


Air, space and light at these beautiful low condos on Grand Avenue in A. Park. They all have off street parking. Blogfinger photo. 3/18.


Whenever a condo project is implemented in A. Park, off street parking is required, so there is no net resident increase in street parking.  But in OG, we get more and more cars, and the Township has violated NJ Land Use Laws on parking (RSIS) for years.   So what is going on at the Aurora?  We have made some inquiries.  And what will be the outcome at the Warrington site?

And how do developers get to do illegal condo conversions in the Grove? It’s simple–they get by with a little help from their friends.


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On December 24, 2015, we said:

“Note that part of the process which has to be followed includes public meetings.    When the Township Committee schedules those meetings, we plan to be there and we will encourage a large number of you to join us.  Last time around, the Township announced the application and quickly swept the subject under the rug so that no one could oppose their plans.  For some reason, the SIAB let that pass then; but not next time. We emphasized that point in Trenton on Dec. 17 when some of us got to speak to the Board chairman and others.

“At last night’s Committee meeting, Jack Bredin of Ocean Grove requested that when the public hearings are held, that they be held in Ocean Grove.”

When we were in Trenton, we spoke to the SIAB chairman about our desire to attend public hearings in Neptune regarding this matter because, for some reason, there were none prior to the application last time around. We assumed that there would be a special session in Neptune for all of us to discuss the matter with the Neptune Committee.  But, not so fast!

After digging into the matter further, we learned that all Neptune needs to do is place the resolution on the agenda and then they can slip it by without anyone being the wiser.  That is why they had no hearings last time—technically, that agenda item was a “hearing”—a call for comments, and there were none.

And the reason they can get away with such subterfuge is that the State does not require a public meeting in Neptune prior to the eventual SIAB public hearing in Trenton.

When Jack stood up at the Committee meeting last week and asked that the RSIS public meeting be held in Ocean Grove, no one told him that there would be no special meeting in Neptune.  Jack spoke to Committeeman Brantley about it later, and Brantley said it was a good idea, but evidently he meant to have the entire committee meeting in the Grove.

So, when it comes to local government, we should all keep our eyes and ears open because the lack of transparency continues.  Do not assume anything!

We need to watch for an agenda item to appear announcing a resolution to submit an RSIS application once again.  And once we know that, we should go there in force and everyone who attends should go to the microphone  (you get 5 minutes) and tell them that you oppose a special RSIS parking standard for all of Ocean Grove except for single family houses.

When we hear of that scheduled meeting, we will post it on Blogfinger.  Save our town from condomaniacs!  (Anyone want to make a banner to hold up that night?)

Can you tell us how to sweep the clouds away and how to get to where the air is clean?


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Photo above at Nagle’s on Main Avenue in Ocean Grove. A special moment in the life of our historic town.   2015. By Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff. ©

One of our goals on Blogfinger, since our beginning in 2009  has been to dispel out-of-date stereotypes about Ocean Grove.  We have been interested in the demographics, life-styles  and dynamics in town, and it has been a fascinating topic since those variables keep changing.

If you all reflect on why you love this town and why it is unique, then perhaps you will take an active interest in what’s going on over at the “mother ship,” ie the Neptune Township Municipal Building which has shown no maternal instincts towards Ocean Grove.

As a result, we have questionable municipal land use decisions including zoning designations, subdivisions, and multi-residential construction approvals without parking. And there is the 800 pound gorilla in the room—the North End Redevelopment Plan.

The next important event on the municipal land use  horizon is the December  17th meeting* of the “streets and parking committee” of the NJ Site Improvement Advisory Board   (SIAB)  where Neptune will try to convince the State committee that the entire town of Ocean Grove should be exempt from state parking  (RSIS) regulations.  The meeting was scheduled after the Neptune planner satisfied all the requirements of the SIAB, after twice being denied because of incomplete applications.

The Township planner will explain that the exemption is needed to preserve Ocean Grove’s  historical integrity.  But those reasons have been contrived and are not true. Let’s see what Neptune has to say this time.

Neptune wants to be awarded a “special area parking standard” so that mandatory off-street parking (RSIS) is no longer required by the State when new construction is done, such as with the building of a condominium project.  Up to now, the Township has ignored the State RSIS parking rules .  If the Township’s request is now granted, Neptune can continue allowing new  construction without disobeying State laws regarding parking.

Since Neptune routinely follows its own ordinances which forbid off street parking,  developers have had a field day in our town building condos or  “community residences”  (as at Mary’s Place)  without parking,  in every location where an old building is ripe for conversion or replacement after a fire, as we saw with prior condos, such as the large one on Ocean Pathway near the Albatross  (a place, by the way, which has developers drooling as they envision condos without parking there.)  Even Committeeman Randy Bishop supposedly wants to turn his small inn into condos.

However, the harsh reality is that whether Neptune wins or loses their request in December in Trenton, the condominium drumbeat will continue, abetted by the Township Committee and the Ocean Grove Homeowners Association.   (*Neptune withdrew that application when they learned that OG citizens would be there to protest.  They never reapplied. We continue the discussion here in 2016/17  for educational purposes.)

Don’t let that Neptune application fool you when they argue that OG is “all built out” and therefore no need to worry about future condos.  On the contrary, there are quite a few potential condo locations around town.   How about the Warrington?   Will that become a hotel without parking, or will it become a flop house without parking, or will it be condos without parking?

We cannot count on property owners to worry about the town the way the Park View’s new owner is promising single family homes over on Seaview Ave.   If he changes his mind and asks the Township to let him build condos, and if they approve  (as they tend to do,) then we will have to change the name of that street.

Since there seems to be no obvious reason for requesting the new designation, we do have to wonder what the motive is for the Township to go after the “special area standard.”  A skeptic might wonder if the State is being hoodwinked into approving the application, because if they do, the North End developers can then manipulate the zoning to cancel the Area in Need of Redevelopment designation at the North End and then trash all plans to include off street parking as currently proposed in the NERP.

So, what is the bottom line?  The only way to prevent Ocean Grove from slipping and sliding into irrelevance is for the citizens to demand that Neptune zoning for all residential districts in the Grove  be changed immediately to detached single family houses and no off-street parking and no curb cuts.    This will eliminate all future land use problems and will increase the numbers of on-street parking spots.

Can that be done?  Yes it can if the HOA and the citizens create a show of force and make that demand loud and clear.  And what about Kevin Chamber’s lawsuit on Main Avenue?    If he wins, then all bets are off.

And as for the lifestyle here. Most of us know what we want the future  Grove to be, and the key is single family zoning. After that the town will be saved.

–Paul Goldfinger, Editor @ Blogfinger.

—Jack Bredin, Researcher

MERLE HAGGARD and the PRESERVATION HALL JAZZ BAND  —sing about losing the blues.

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