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OG boards. Oct 23, 2020. Paul Goldfinger photo.© Click to enlarge.

They were scheduled to have a “photo shoot” today, but the studio was closed. So they came to the Grove. The photographer wasn’t expecting to find himself on the other side of the lens. But he recognized my camera, so we had something in common, besides admiring his fair lady.

I suggested that the foggy day would be an artistic gift. I don’t know where they landed.

The mask might concern those who need to see a woman’s face in order to judge her looks, but in this case an exception can be made.

You might recall that masquerade  balls in Venice required that everyone wear masks ever since the 15th century.

Here’s a link regarding that masked topic:

Masquerade masks in Italy

Beverly Kenney:

“I was a stranger in the city
Out of town were the people I knew
I had that feeling of self-pity
What to do, what to do, what to do
The outlook was decidedly blue
“But as I walked through the foggy streets alone
It turned out to be the luckiest day I’ve known”

By George Gershwin.

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Fletcher Lake from the OG side.  January  11. 2014.  By Paul Goldfinger ©

Fletcher Lake from the OG side. January 11. 2014. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Click left

A FOGGY DAY.   Performed by Gregory Hines.     George and Ira Gershwin wrote this song for a 1937 movie called “A Damsel in Distress.”  Fred Astaire performed “Foggy Day”  in that film.

We have a winner in our “name that singer” contest. It is Carl Swenson of OG who nailed it.

Carl:  Go to Smuggler’s Cove for your prize.  Ask for Rich, the peg -legged smuggler-in-chief.

Gregory Hines was a  brilliant performer who, early in his career, sang and danced with his brother Maurice Hines and his Dad.  The act was called “Hines, Hines and Dad.”  Eileen and I saw them live in New York, and they they were wonderful.    Unknown-3

Gregory Hines was a great star of movies, TV,  and Broadway. He won a Tony and an Emmy.  He died at age 57 of cancer. —PG

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