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We sent Moe Demby, a member of the Blogfinger staff, downtown to look for people dancing in the streets, celebrating the good news from FEMA.  But that wasn’t happening, so he continued to the beach where  he found some folks to interview there.


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By Charles Layton

Saturday was British Car Day in Ocean Grove.

We had an excellent DJ providing music. We had spectacular weather. We had something in the neighborhood of 130 British cars on display.

And we had motorheads of all ages ambling up and down Main Avenue.

It was fun.

Here are some snippets of comment that we picked up:

From a proud car owner: This car is a ’79 MGB. The engine was rebuilt 3,000 miles ago by Ted Prather, who is the premier engine rebuilder of MG engines in the United States and is also a racer. It’s got a high-lift cam shaft in it, which generates extra power over 2,000 rpm. So this car is a rocket.

From an Ocean Grove husband: I love cars. I love the color of this Jaguar…  I’ve loved British sports cars since I was a teenager.

From an Ocean Grove wife: Fun and exciting. A lot of beautiful objects here. Husband teasers. (Bursts out laughing.)

As you can see, people bring distinct points of view to an event such as this. Here’s a video:

This video doesn’t exist

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With music by Tony Orlando —

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