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Fox hunt anyone? Taking this photo, behind me, is the grand Hudson River. © Can't recall the name of this place. Downton Abbey?

Paul Goldfinger ©  Fox hunt anyone?  This is the gilded age Mills Mansion in Staatsburg, NY . Looking for Maggie Smith?   Click to enlarge and rent a room  (Airbnb?)


Lookiing back down the hill is this view. Rhinebeck, NY. Paul Goldfinger photo © c.2013

Back down the hill is this view of the Hudson River in Staatsburg, NY.  Autumn.  Paul Goldfinger photo © c.2013     Click to enlarge.




From the album Cocktail Swing


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Rhinebeck, NY (Hudson River Valley) Paul Goldfinger © October, 2017. Click to enlarge.


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Carly Brown is a student at the Culinary Institute of America  (CIA)  in Hyde Park, NY.  Photo and text  by Paul Goldfinger © 10/15/17.  Re-post. 


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

We met Carly today when we visited the Rhinebeck, NY,  Sunday morning Farmers Market.  She is in her second year at the famous school of culinary arts located at a 170 acre campus on the east bank of the Hudson River.  She is working towards a 2 year associates degree in  Baking and Pastry Arts.

Today Carly is representing the Tousey Winery of Clermont, New York.  We were surprised to find out that Tousey made a pinot noir.  We bought a bottle to try.   Of course, NY State is famous for its wineries. I recommend the dry Riesling by Dr. Konstantin Frank of the Finger Lakes.


Rhinebeck Farmers Market. October 16,2017. Blogfinger photo © Click to enlarge.


We enjoy this farmers market because it provides a look at the wide variety of products originating in the Hudson Valley where they have many farms producing some unusual crops and products.  After November the market moves indoors, but it does continue year round. It is about 3 hours from Ocean Grove, but they have some wonderful B and B’s up there.

The restaurateurs in that region  follow the “farm to table” idea of serving all regional ingredients, and we saw some excellent examples of that today including goat feta cheese, fine baked goods including  excellent Danish and baguettes,  chicken liver mousse, terrific scalion sausages served on a stick with a piece of crunchy bread, fingerling potatoes, long red radishes like we had in France, baby kale served raw in salads or sauteed as a side dish,  local beers, wool from sheep farms, yarn from alpaca farms, and even a local distillery selling apple jack and single malt whiskey among other selections.

The meat farmers were offering foi gras,  venison,  chickens, pork, duck, and turkey sausages.   Of course there was a huge selection of fresh picked apples and pears.

This was a real farmers market selling very little besides food.  I got a T-shirt celebrating the market, and the designer was there. She told me to get the XL.  Wouldn’t it be great if you went to buy clothes, and the designer was there?       They had two alpacas , and Eileen got some yarn to crochet a tiny hat for our new grandson who is now into his second  trimester.  But he won’t get his hat until he is born.  Yet it would be fun if he popped out wearing a hat.



Alpaca fleece is warm, comfy and hypoallergenic. It comes in a variety of colors. It is related to camels. Blogfinger photo. Rhinebeck, NY.


The market is only open for 4 hours, and it is primarily for the locals. They don’t have flea markets, car shows and other large dopey events to paralyze their town.   There was a parking lot for the market-goers.  It there is a large event, like the annual NY State sheep shearing festival, it is held at the Duchess County Fair Grounds nearby.

Rhinebeck is a small historic town (pop 7,500)  in the Hudson River Valley dating back to the 1600’s. It now is a fabulous place with art, culture, music, fashion, great eateries and no shlock.    It could be a roll model for Ocean Grove.

The downtown is successful with businesses like galleries, yarn shops,  fine coffee shops, a fabulous  book store,  a shoe store, and an art house movie theater.   A restaurant “Terrapin,” is in a converted Baptist church. It was just voted two Best in the Hudson Valley awards, and the owner/chef Josh Kroner is from New Jersey.  We ate there. The oyster shooters are addictive.






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Breakfast.  Rhinebeck, NY. Paul Goldfinger © 10/14/18


RENEE OLSTEAD:  “What a Difference a Day Makes.”




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October 13, 2017. Rhinebeck . NY Series. By Paul Goldfinger ©




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Foster’s on a busy Friday night on downtown Montgomery Street in Rhinebeck, NY. Hudson River Valley. Shades of New Orleans. Paul Goldfinger ©.  October 13, 2017.



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Hudson River Valley near Rhinebeck, NY.  Autumn. By Paul Goldfinger c. 2013 ©

Hudson River Valley near Rhinebeck, NY. Autumn. By Paul Goldfinger c. 2013 ©

RUFUS WAINWRIGHT:  “Natasha” from his album  Want One. Rufus Wainwright is an immensely creative singer songwriter who was born in Rhinebeck, NY.

“Oh Natasha, all I can do
Is write a song for you
Natasha, oh Natasha for you”

Rufus Wainwright

Rufus Wainwright

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Rhinebeck, New York series. By Paul Goldfinger. October, 2014. ©

Rhinebeck, New York series. By Paul Goldfinger. October, 2014.  In 1783, the Continental Army, with 7000 men, spent their last winter encampment in this area.  Click to enlarge.

SEIJI OZAWA, JOSEPH SILVERSTEIN  and the BOSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA  with Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Autumn.

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