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Lady Gaga and Brad Cooper.

The much heavily hyped opening of the latest version of A Star is Born has opened, and the soundtrack album has been released. It not only has 19 songs from the film, but also short dialogue recordings which are fun to hear.

This song is “Music to My Eyes”  performed by both stars.   The lyrics are amazing. Most of the songs are performed by Lady Gaga.  Cooper had to learn how to sing “country” for the movie.


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Unknown (1)

This song “New Romantics” is from Taylor Swift’s Grammy winning album called 1989 which was released in October 2014.  It is her 5th studio album and has her paying tribute to pop stars of the 1980’s.  Before this pop album, her work was country tinged.

At Blogfinger we can’t relate to these lyrics, but we can recall when we had our own view of our generation along with our own music.

Musically speaking, “New Romantics” is a very appealing pop tune.  Taylor is an amazing performer, writer, entrepreneur, and woman.

“— Swift speaking about her inspiration for the album during an interview with Kiss FM.”

“I have a few artists in the late eighties who I think made the most incredible, bold, risky decisions as far as pop music goes. They were really ahead of their time, like Annie Lennox and what Madonna was doing in the late eighties. “Like a Prayer” is legitimately one of the greatest pop songs of all time.”

Lyrics excerpt: (for girls only?)

“We’re so young that we’re on the road to ruin
We play dumb
But we know exactly what we’re doing
We cry tears
Of mascara in the bathroom
Honey life is just a classroom”

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I you're going to make a toast, this is a good place to do it: British Virgin Islands. Paul Goldfinger photo.  2005.

If you’re going to make a toast, this is a good place to do it: British Virgin Islands watering hole. Paul Goldfinger photo. 2005.

By Paul Goldfinger, music editor @Blogfinger

KEITH URBAN raises a few toasts in this duet with ERIC CHURCH nominated for a 2015 Grammy for Best Country Duo.  The song is about toasting and celebrating some of life’s finest moments such as sailing to Mexico, driving Dad’s old pickup truck,  listening to fine live music, being with the one you love, and even having a child.  The imagery moves fast, and the lyrics are described as “cinematic.”

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KATE HAVNEVIK:  She is a Norwegian singer/songwriter whose music has appeared in TV shows including West Wing.

Kate Havenek

Kate Havenek

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Billy Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones. Maria Chavez image via NPR

Billy Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones. Maria Chavez image via NPR

By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor   @Blogfinger

As a kid, I always liked the Everly Brothers. As a musician, I was fascinated by those close Everly harmonies.  Singing harmony is difficult because you have to hear the other part but sing your own melody to match. I was pretty lousy at that, but playing an instrument lets you engage harmonies and listen to the other parts without screwing up what you are doing.  However, Norah Jones and Billy Joe Armstrong are marvelous with those harmonies on this album, and if you listen to the audio recording (linked below) you will hear a wonderful discussion by these singers regarding how it’s done here.

But you won’t find the songs that made the Everly Brothers famous in this new album, released Nov. 25, by Norah and Billy Joe.  Instead they chose more obscure tunes by the Everlys, and this is a beautiful album.


Norah and Billy NPR audio

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Pocono mountains, Pennsylvania.  Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

Pocono mountains, Pennsylvania. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

THE GREENCARDS.   From their album “Weather and Water”

The song is “Time”


“Last night, I had a dream,

about a place I’d never been

Shinin’ sun on fields of gold,

could be heaven for all I know

I close my eyes and then go back again

Time is a river, rollin’ out to sea

I close my eyes and then go back again”





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Daniel Bachman.  WNYC photo.

Daniel Bachman. WNYC photo.

This was sent to us by Lee Morgan of Ocean Grove who says,  “An offering of nourishment for Blogfinger’s ‘big ears.’ There are no limits to the sky-like space of music available to the open mind.”

As Lee says, if you love to hear music that may be totally new to you, try going psychedelic.  Maybe it will remind you of something you did in college.


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