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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Early construction: 4 foundations on one lot. Blogfinger photo. ©  We are standing on Bath Ave. looking over to Surf Avenue.


The Bath Avenue side. #17 is on the right. The ocean is to the right. Blogfinger photo ©


The Whitfield hotel was demolished  nearly one year ago.  After that we learned that 4 houses were permitted on a site which should have had 2 houses.  It became clear as construction proceeded that the houses would be crammed tightly together at that location near the ocean, at Bath and Surf Avenues.   Evidently some realtors suggested that the owner build fewer houses on the site, but the owner did not take that advice, and the houses still sit unsold.

After all, who wants to spend $1.3 million on a house with no back yard that is tightly packed among the other three on the site.?  The space between the houses is tiny—can they even fit a garbage pail, and none of the houses has a backyard.  Where will they barbecue or chase the grand-kids around?


This view is from the side. The photographer is standing on Beach Avenue, with his back to the ocean. To the right is Surf Avenue, and to the left is Bath Avenue.   This view shows the space between the backs of the 4 houses.    Blogfinger photo 12/2/17 ©

Two houses are on Bath, and two are on Surf.   They are large houses which appear to be completed on the outside, but they are basically shells on the inside.  One of the houses, #17 Surf,  is for sale at $1.3 million

The other day, one of our citizen reporters said,  “You might have noticed that, I believe, the first listed house on the Whitfield property (#17 Bath) has not yet sold. Also it appears that construction on the other three has dramatically slowed.  I smell a problem.”

A source in the OG real estate business tells us that being close to the ocean is not nearly as important to prospective buyers as the quality of a residence for “life style” functions and feel. Remember that a welcoming place requires light, air and open space.

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