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19th century map shows that Wesley Lake (Long Pond)  is an estuary. subject to riparian laws.


By Jack Bredin and Paul Goldfinger reporting from Blogfinger.net  on March 10, 2018

As we said in our WASSUP section tickler below, there are those who are coming around to agreeing with Jack Bredin and Blogfinger that Wesley Lake, a waterway with an estuary legacy, is in fact owned by the State of New Jersey who has the authority to make declarations and offer permits about riparian rights.

Those entities include at least one member of the Wesley Lake Commission. Also the same information regarding Shark River was presented at a recent meeting conducted by two Ocean Grove lawyers, experts on riparian rights.

Unfortunately, those two lawyers did not mention Ocean Grove’s riparian concerns involving the Wesley Lake name change, the dumping of dirty street water from Neptune and Asbury Park into the Atlantic Ocean, and Fletcher Lake.

We at Blogfinger intend to continue our update about these matters, but, for those of you who want to know the background, here are some BF links that you should read or re-read. No other media source, nor the Township itself, or the useless Home Groaners, will offer you these insights.  Every day we get at least 500 visits, so over a week or two, you can imagine how many different people might be seeing our posts about the Wesley Lake situation.

Here are some links for your review:


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Wesley Lake–an estuary


Editor’s note:  We hope to move this ball up the field shortly, so watch for our latest 2019 update.




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