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The Warrington Feb. 2017. Photo by a citizen reporter who lives a stone's throw away. The ParkView site is adjacent, approved for undersized lots. © Blogfinger.net

The Warrington, Feb. 2017. Photo by a citizen reporter who lives a stone’s throw away. The Park View site is adjacent, approved for undersized lots. © Blogfinger.net

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger  and Jack Bredin, Researcher @Blogfinger

This is no surprise, but the final Site Plan approval for turning the Warrington into a boutique hotel will be signed this week by the Zoning Board of Adjustment Engineer, Secretary,  and by the Board Chairman. As you may recall from our October, 2016 article  (see link below,) the process of final approval had been held up pending consideration of a variety of issues.

Our concerns last October included the need for an easement to connect the Lake Avenue structure with the utilities on Seaview Avenue. There are two small cottages which are interposed between the Warrington and Seaview Avenue.

According to Kristie Armour, the Zoning Officer for the ZBA, in an interview today, it was found that there was a pre-existing easement which would cover this matter.  But the tax map has shown no such easement.

Also, the new project encroaches on CMA property, but Ms. Armour tells us that the CMA wrote a letter to give permission. However, normally, such a letter would be useless unless the CMA property were newly subdivided to show that the Warrington owner now owns that encroached property.

There were other matters as well, but we have no information about these concerns including the bizarre suggestion by the Home Owners Assoc. to turn part of Lake Avenue into a two-way street near Founders’ Park ostensibly in order to create new parking.  New parking should never crowd out a historic location.

Another irregularity is that the Warrington is on a land-locked lot, not fronting on a street;  Lake Avenue is not a street. This should be illegal now as it pertains to the new project.

Other violations include failure to follow New Jersey state RSIS parking standards whereas this project should have been required to provide on-site parking.

The Warrington originally received final ZBA approval in 2015. In June 2016, the ZBA Engineer found that a Developers Agreement was needed.  In September 2016, the Developers Agreement was passed.  But there were still loose ends, and now we hear that the matter is finalized.

The only way that this project could be blocked now is with an appeal to the governing body or a law suit brought by the citizens to the Superior Court.  There is a 45  day opportunity to sue, and then it will be a “done-deal.”

But the Home Groaners  have shown no interest in this project or any other important land-use issues in town including the condoization of the Grove.  How do the residents of Sea View Avenue feel about this situation?

So there will be project approval this week even though the application is riddled with land-use law violations.


SUTTON FOSTER:  From Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein.  If you think that land use policies in Ocean Grove are hopelessly corrupted, do something silly and have a roll in the hay.

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The Warrington.  Blogfinger photo

The Warrington. Blogfinger photo

We have received the following information from a citizen reporter who wishes to be anonymous:

“FYI   Re:ZB13/17-conditional use &. bulk variances application scheduled to be heard on April 2, 2014. The owner of 22 Lake Avenue (The Warrington) is proposing to add a new use to the property….add a 20 room historic hotel, a conditional use  within the HD-O historic district.  

“The applicant has applied for variances for which Zoning Board of Adjustment approval is required. Some of which are:  construct a fourth story deck In the flared open space Area, on OGCMA Property;  to reconstruct a stairway leading to the front porch in the flared  open space area, on OGCMA Property; to reconstruct  10′ wide concrete walkways in the flared  open space area, on OGCMA Property; proposing construction to the non-conforming front porch that encroaches over the front property line  into OGCMA property…where necessary.

“Other variances are also required for construction. Neptune’s zoning official denied the permit application #3970, 06/04/2013 necessitating filing for a variance to the Board of Adjustment.”

Editor’s Note:    Many of you will recall that the Warrington was a rest home which housed about 15 clients who rested there when it was closed by the state in 2012.  It was closed because of a long laundry list of deplorable conditions inside. Those who live near there consider it to be an eye sore and a risk to the neighborhood.  Blogfinger posted a number of articles about this situation.  The quote below is from one such BF piece dated August 2012: —-PG

“All 15 boarders at the Warrington Rest Home in Ocean Grove have been relocated to permanent housing in other state-licensed facilities. Tammori Petty, a spokesperson for the Department of Community Affairs, said Wednesday that this resolves the state’s concerns about the property. The DCA closed the run-down boarding home on June 13 due to what it termed “serious conditions affecting the health, safety and welfare of residents.”

With the State out of the picture, it remains unclear what will become of this now-empty and deteriorating building, which faces Wesley Lake at 22 Lake Avenue, directly behind the Park View Inn. It had been licensed to provide room and board for veterans and physically challenged people. According to tax records, it is owned by Jack Ancona LLC of Long Branch. We have been unable to contact this individual for comment.”

This project seems about as plausible as the Duke of Earl finding a woman in Ocean Grove:


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