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This car at Heck and Benson has been parked there for 4 months. It is missing the rear license plate. Imagine  if that corner house were yours.   The police have not acted. Blogfinger photo 9/28/17

The Township Committee has proposed an ordinance to deal with the problem of warehoused cars in the Grove.  Such vehicles will be impounded if they have been parked in one spot for 30 days or more.

There will be a public hearing on this proposed ordinance at the Oct 5 meeting.

The definition of impounded is “seize and take legal custody of  something, especially a vehicle, goods, or documents because of an infringement of a law or regulation.”

If a car does not have an up-to-date registration, it can currently receive a summons and can be towed.

The car above is missing the rear license plate, but the inspection sticker is up-to-date.  We don’t know if it has a current registration. There are no tickets under the wipers.

There is a warehoused vehicle on Delaware Avenue which the out-of-town owner moves  slightly every once in a while.  We also know that some people store a car on Ocean Avenue to use as a beach locker.

HERE IS ORDINANCE 17-40. There is a second page which has to do with “presumption of abandonment” but this is the main part.         Click on it for easier reading:




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