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Waffle House. Breakfast. Smithfield, North Carolina, about 7:00 am. Just off Rt.95 north. Paul Goldfinger photo. March 26, 2017. ©  Re-post 2017.

We love the Waffle House restaurants which are found up and down the east coast from Florida all the way to New Jersey. Blogfinger has posted a number of pieces on this subject.  Just use the search box at the top of this page and type “Waffle House.”  Here is a link to one of those articles:

Waffle House. March 2016

BOB DYLAN:  (Bob picked up his Nobel Prize for Literature this past weekend during a concert tour in Sweden. Do you think he accepted in Swedish or the Dylan variant of English)

“Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
I’m not sleepy and there ain’t no place I’m going to
Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
In the jingle jangle morning I’ll come following you.”


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Waffle House #681. Yemassee, South Carolina. Paul Goldfinger photo.© Blogfinger.net   “Ms. Audrey” is on the right. December 16, 2018.  Click to enlarge.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger. Blogfinger.net

Our favorite restaurant along US Rt 95 back and forth from Fla is the Waffle House.  We like to have breakfast there every day.  You can usually find one at most stops along the way.

We have written about the Waffle House experience on a few occasions for Blogfinger. Just type in “Waffle House” at the search box, top right corner.

This time we decided to stop at WH #681.     This is Yemassee, South Carolina.  It is right near the highway, so it is easy to get on and off.

When we entered, the restaurant was alive with people enjoying  their breakfasts, talking, and laughing.  Behind the counter, the staff moved like clockwork, calling out orders like “Eggs whale.”   We like the fact that these little restaurants are integrated, both behind the counter and in the seats. It’s like that in the South.

Waffle Houses are always spotless clean, with everything fresh and delicious.  You can watch the cooks prepare the food while the servers bounce around behind the counter, all with smiles and courtesies.

Our waitress Ms. Audrey was friendly, happy, and efficient. She encouraged our photography as did Chris, the manager. We had bacon and eggs.  I had “hash browns” which is like our New Jersey “home fries,” while Eileen passed on the taters, having tomatoes instead.  The bacon was crisp and perfect.   We always have their signature raisin bread toast and apple butter.  The coffee was fresh made and delicious.

When we left, a gentleman held the door for us.  He called me “Sir.”  And Eileen is “Ma’am.”  We had Waffle House breakfasts each day of our journey.

And Christmas is in the air, and the Waffle House will be open.  In fact they stay open in the worse storms…they are always ready.

Here is a link to the Yemassee Waffle House:



Here is ALABAMA  with “Christmas in Dixie.”

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Waffle House, Santee, South Carolina. Jan 15, 2017. By Paul Goldfinger ©.

Waffle House, Santee, South Carolina. Jan 15, 2017. By Paul Goldfinger ©.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

We entered the Waffle House for breakfast. It was typical: warm, friendly, and mildly frenetic. The staff is mostly African American; the clientele is mixed, and the food is wonderful—down home, fresh and made with love.

The staff speak to each other in a shortcut sort of speech. The cooks don’t write anything down. They just know. There was a table for two free, so we moved in that direction. Eileen sat down, but I hesitated since there was a man sitting right next to our booth, at the counter. I felt compelled to say something to him.

He was African-American and he looked straight at me. I was a little wary about speaking to the locals, because the night before, outside a restaurant, we overheard two white men talking. They had thick southern accents, and I could make out perhaps one out of every 4 words.

But, back to Santee:

Me: Howya doin’?

Him: Garbled, unintelligible sentence to me.

Me: Excuse me.

Him: Garbled, unintelligible sentence.

Me: Um. I’m sorry, but I don’t……

Him: Garbled , unintelligible sentence.

Me: Ya know, I’m from the north and I…..

Him: Speaking much slower “It’s goin’ to get warmer.”

Me: That’d be nice. Take care. (As I turn to sit down and contemplate placing an order with the waitress.)

JOHNNY MERCER, a son of the South:  “Shooby Doin'”


Addendum.  The Waffle House is my favorite restaurant along the Rt. 95 east coast corridor.  Here is a link to a prior article which we wrote about it.


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