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Amanda Frances of Philadelphia found a treasure at the OG Town-Wide Yard Sale. 5/11/19.  Paul Goldfinger © “Mirror, mirror on the wall…who’s the fairest of them all?”

Wearing a fine yellow mini, “vintage model” Amanda Frances of Philadelphia enjoyed exploring the Grove with her mom.   They were staying at the Carriage House on Heck Avenue for a mother-daughter weekend which was to include our Town-Wide Yard Sale the Saturday on the Mother’s Day weekend.

Amanda said that they had a great time at our record breaking sale. For the first time in a few years, we had a sunny day.    The venues were scattered around town, with a wide variety of goods, and the organizers provided a list of addresses, items for sale, and maps to help the visitors.

We met many people from out of town who were thrilled to have so many sales to explore.  Quite a few were finding their way around using smart phones and the Blogfinger web site.

A sale on New Jersey Avenue was run by a group of kids, so they featured puzzles, games and other youth oriented goods.   Paul Goldfinger photo. 5/11/19

We were offering some photography related merchandise, so I got to talk to some visitors who were active photographers, including one man who owned a monochrome digital camera, ie one devoted solely to black and white images.

We met old friends and new ones, including some interesting folks who just moved to town and who were really pleased by the Sale. One told us that many visitors were enthused to come to the Grove for this event and that our Town-Wide Sale had become “an institution.”  Many Grovers thanked us for organizing the Sale.

The Sale was unique because it brought people together for a truly community event.  There was plenty  of parking and plenty of smiles.  There was no congestion, and the mood was that of a relaxed, down-home good time.

Contrast this to the mega-tourist events which will descend on the Grove very soon.

—–Paul Goldfinger,  Editor@ Blogfinger.net

PEGGY LEE:   From her Complete Recordings.


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2018 Ocean Grove Town-Wide Yard Sale. Paul Goldfinger photograph. ©  Poll from 2018.  Click on “view results.”



MICHEL GARRUTI :  Soundtrack from the movie Life is Beautiful. It won the Oscar for Best Music (1999)

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We just received our updated TWYS fliers, skillfully prepared by Andrew Gioulis of KFR Comunications.   Thank you Andrew.  These fliers would make a nice wall decoration for your OG house.  We’ll let you know when they are available.

Whether you are a participant or a shopper, please mark your calendars.

The more sellers and buyers= a more successful event.  We would like to break the shore record.

If you Google “Which Jersey Shore towns have the most successful town-wide yard sale,” Ocean Grove is listed #1.  In an APP article last year, OG ‘s TWYS was listed with Asbury Park’s, but we had more participants.

Other travel sites picked us up including Delaware On-Line, Event Crazy.com, NJ.com, and others, but unfortunately  the OGCMA refused outright  to help our citizens promote this event,  confirming the problem between the populace and the entrenched CMA.  And the Chamber of Commerce said that our town-wide sale would be bad for their businesses, so they wouldn’t help.

We advertise each year in the Coaster, Craig’s List, and the APP.  We welcome any volunteers who have ideas about marketing.  No one makes any money on this event except  the sellers.

If you think you’ve heard this song before, you are correct, but predictable repeats of traditions can be reassuring and beneficial.

HARRY JAMES with a message of this sort.   It’s from Woody’s great movie Hannah and her Sisters:

–Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.net  (Contact:   Blogfinger@verizon. net.)

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