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Current photo of the Quaker Inn. By Lee Morgan of OG. Note that there is a new owner.

Paul Goldfinger  Editor:

It wasn’t long after the founding of Ocean Grove in 1869 that the town became famous as a tourist attraction, mostly because of its specialty—-religious tourism.  Along with that fame came the railroad and the building of hotels and rooming houses.

It is said that the Quaker Inn, located at #39 Main Avenue at the corner with Central, was built in 1875.

In the History of Ocean Grove dated 1939, by Gibbons, there were 84 hotels listed. The Quaker Inn Hotel was still listed at #39 Main Avenue.

Rich Amole, Blogfinger staff, took an interest in the Inn after finding the 1943 postcard below. Rich is the author of a meticulously researched history of the Shawmont Hotel.



Submitted by Rich Amole, Blogfinger historian/reporter.
Submitted by Rich Amole, Blogfinger historian/reporter.  Click to enlarge.



The attachment is a 1943 linen post card of the Quaker Inn.  This wonderful card advertises  40 rooms with running water and private bath availability.  Complete with a restaurant and soda fountain and two four digit phone numbers;  back then the Quaker still maintains it’s 136 years of history pleasing all who come to stay at the corner of Main & Central in Ocean Grove. 

Rich  Amole.      Source: Ebay

Editor’s Note:  It’s remarkable how this image from over 70 years ago looks like today’s Quaker Inn.

The image shown above appears in black and white in Ted Bell and Chris Flynn’s book  Ocean Grove in Vintage Postcards. They also have a photo  (below—with permission) of the restaurant and soda fountain which was a bright and cheerful place seen in the picture above from the outside  as the row of windows running along Central Avenue.

Ted and Chris report that the Quaker Inn ads said, “The Perfect Location for a Grove Vacation.”



The caption for the above photo says, “Shown is a partial view of the restaurant and soda fountain at the Quaker Inn.  The Quaker style is reflected in the stagecoach wall hangings.”


History/mystery 2021:    Recently Ocean Grover  Lee Morgan found a page from the Ocean Grove Times dated August 27, 1915. It contains an interesting ad for the Ocean Grove Hotel.  That hotel was not mentioned in the 1939 hotel list, but you can see that the address is #39 Main Avenue.

Photo courtesy of Lee Morgan. The Ocean Grove Hotel c 1915


Courtesy of Lee Morgan of Ocean Grove.  A later photo. compare to above.


So, as Lee points out, The Quaker Inn is not the historic name for this hotel–It appears to have been the Ocean Grove Hotel.   Thanks to  Lee Morgan for pointing out this fact.





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