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September, after Labor Day, there are no lifeguards on OG beaches. Prosper Bellizia photograph © Blogfinger staff. 2016

TO THE EDITOR:   No Way Jose

Yesterday morning, while biking along Bradley Beach’s boardwalk, I observed the Chief of Police and one of his officers putting up red “no swimming” flags on the flagpoles. I praised him for this warning. Today, I saw those red flags flying again.

What about Ocean Grove?

I have had three conversations with OGCMA beach staff and others about this subject during the past decade (with no satisfaction). I have suggested that on summer days when the ocean is rough, they keep a red flag up in the evening (when lifeguards are off duty). I have suggested that they raise a red flag in September when the ocean is rough and the season is over (but swimmers may still be coming).

I have received such inane replies as:

“Who will raise and lower the red flag?”

“People should know better than to go in the ocean when it is rough.”

“Everyone has enough common sense to stay out of the ocean when they see big waves.”

“When lifeguards are not present, we have a sign that says swim at your own risk.”

Our Ocean Grove lifeguards are excellent. But they may not be around after hours or after season to save someone.

Will it take a drowning in the ocean off Ocean Grove Beach for the OGCMA to take this matter seriously?



The writer is a resident of Ocean Grove

September 19, 2017


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