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Swan boat on Wesley Lake. Photo by Paul Goldfinger, 2011

Here’s proof that spring is on the way:

Linda Occhipinti, who runs the pedal boat business on Wesley Lake, says she plans to open for the new season beginning Friday, April 6, “weather permitting, of course.”

This will be her second season. Last year she had a total of seven boats — 3 white swans, 1 black swan, 1 pelican and 2 dragons. This year she’ll add a couple more — in the shape of pink flamingos.

During the spring, Occhipinti says, the boat concession will operate only on weekends — Friday through Sunday — but starting on June 18 it will be open on weekdays as well, from 10 a.m. until sundown. A half-hour ride will cost the same as last year: $20 for two people, or three people if one of them is a child.

The dock is on the Asbury Park side of the lake just east of the Moonstruck restaurant.

— Charles Layton

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