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We’ve added a couple of new items to our list of burned-out street lights in the Grove. We’re also pleased to say that one light from our list has now been repaired by JCP&L.

The one that’s been repaired is at Mt.Hermon and Pennsylvania. The return of that light makes a huge difference at that corner.

The still-burned-out list includes these:

  • The northwest corner of New York and Mt. Carmel. We discovered this one on Sunday night and reported it to JCP&L.
  • Heck and Ocean Avenues.
  • The southwest corner of Main and Ocean.
  • On the east side of Ocean Avenue, by the flagpole.
  • On the central sidewalk on Ocean Pathway, near Beach Avenue
  • New Jersey at Lake by the footbridge. This was reported to us by one of our readers, who says it has been out since Hurricane Irene and is “very damaged.”
  • Corner of New Jersey and Abbott. Blogfinger reader Rich Lepore reports: “The top is also flipped open which now makes it a JCP&L rain gauge.”

If you know of others, please let us know and please report the problem to JCP&L’s parent company, FirstEnergy. To report by phone, call 800-662-3115. To talk to a human, say “Operator” at each prompt. You can also go to http://www.firstenergycorp.com. Click on “Report an Outage.” Then click “Report Streetlight Problem.”

— Charles Layton

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