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Boats parked on the River Seine. Paris. By Paul Goldfinger.  ©

DJANGO REINHARDT  with “I’ll See You in my Dreams.”   (From the Woody Allen movie,  filmed in Ocean Grove, Stardust Memories.)


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The Stardust Hotel in the Woody Allen 1980 movie

The Stardust Hotel in the Woody Allen 1980 movie.  PG photo from the TV (PBS)

In 2011, we wrote a piece about the Woody Allen movie “Stardust Memories.”

Here is a link to that article:  


But now Lee Morgan of Ocean Grove has shared a recent piece from the New Yorker about this movie which, as many of you know, was partially shot in Ocean Grove.   Woody famously converted the Great Auditorium into the Stardust Hotel, and we wound up with a new electric cross on the building.

Lee says, ” I was reading the December 16, 2013 The New Yorker and noticed that the digital edition has a piece entitled DVD of the Week: “Stardust Memories” by Richard Brody. For those of your readers who don’t remember the film’s theme and the fact that Ocean Grove was featured in the film, this clip might be a welcome refresher.”

New Yorker article and video

MUSIC FROM STARDUST MEMORIES:  “If Dreams Come True” by the Chick Webb Orchestra:

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