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Ocean Grove North End. c.1908.  Postcard.

Ocean Grove North End. c.1908. Postcard.




Submitted by Rich Amole, Blogfinger staff reporter/historian


From those Ocean Grove boardwalk days at the North End Pavilion entertainment center, the Skee-Ball game is where you roll a baseball size wooden ball  up a fourteen foot lane and try to drop it into the high scoring holes.  Scoring well would deliver tickets from the machine that could be traded in for small toys, stuffed animals, free games and various souvenirs of a visit to the shore.

The attachment is a token that you dropped into the machine’s slot which would start the game by delivering the player a number of balls to roll.  Skee-ball was invented in 1909 and continues to be a great source of amusement 105 years later.



DANNY KAYE     “Roller bowl a ball a penny a pitch”

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