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September 2020 came into town with heat and beach crowds.  It came in, not like a lion, but more like a giraffe with residents and guests sticking out their necks looking for something safe to do.

Labor Day was mostly a dud. Most people were home avoiding the virus. There was confusion:  to mask or not to mask—that was the question.

As for Ocean Grove news, the local media has nothing to report, which is only a small bit less than usual.

But now it is the 30th of the month, and the September train has left the station.  Blogfinger was there as it roared through town, heading north,  behind West Grove strip mall.   What will October bring us on its train?

The usual practice of yard sales has begun with baby steps on Oct. 3, and the Chamber of Commercials will have a Harvest Festival on Oct. 10 with the same old musicians.  There will be many vendors and visitors.  Will we be sure that the October train will not derail?




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