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Cookman Avenue. Santacon 2016. A. Park. Paul Goldfinger photo ©



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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.net

It began in San Francisco in 1994 and is now celebrated around the world.  SantaCon has people dressed up as Santa or other Christmas characters in order to parade, party, sing, dance and carol.  We tried to find Carol, but she wasn’t there in A. Park where SantaCon was having a jolly old time at Johnny Mac’s Beer Garden and spreading out on the mean streets of downtown A. Park.

Blogfinger.net ©

All photos by Paul Goldfinger © at Johnny Mac’s Beer Garden in Asbury Park. December 12, 2015. Blogfinger.net © Click to enlarge.

It seemed like everyone was clutching a bottle of Bud as I made my way through the crowd. The muscular doorman let me right in when I told him I was from Blogfinger.  He probably would have let me in if I said I was from The Eat-in-town Gazette. It seemed like everyone was having fun, and many of the revelers wanted to pose for pictures. This must be a consequence of the world of selfies and Instagram, because these picture posers had no idea where their images would wind up.

I met an O. Grover over there named Patrick (You may know him—he’s a painter, not unlike Van Gogh). He asked me what day of Hanukkah it is. I didn’t know, so I told him to read Blogfinger where I have posted the only Hanukkah songs in the history of the Jews. We are the people of the book, but if we are so smart, how come we only have two Hanukkah songs after 2,000 years?  And as for books, all the Jews I know are reading their iPhones.

2 guys from Asbury. Blogfinger.net ©

Getting back to SantaCon, this crowd got lucky being outdoors, because it was 64 degrees today—a new record. It was so warm (how warm was it?) that a group of young ladies asked me to take their picture—“clothes on or off, it’s your choice,”  they said in the midst of a torrent of giggles and actual laughs.  I said,  ‘Clothes on, I’m in a hurry.”



Blogfinger.net ©


Blogfinger.net ©

Blogfinger.net ©

Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park ©



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