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Ocean Grove beach. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Ocean Grove beach. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Click to enlarge.


Hi Paul:

Greetings again from Manhattan. In late summer, I like to visit Ocean Grove and watch the surf casters, with their long rods and spinning reels, working on the shore, usually alone, hurling their lures far into the dark Atlantic, and then waiting patiently for the bluefish, striped bass, or other gift the ocean might offer up. Here is a poem, “The Surf Caster,” from my collection, Father of Water.

Best wishes,

Charles Pierre

Charles Pierre. 2009. Photo by Marcella Kerr

Charles Pierre. 2009. Photo by Marcella Kerr










The Surf Caster


The fine line that keeps him connected to the depths

runs long into the night, a translucent filament

of strength through the dark and turbulent surf.

How quietly it flows from shore to ocean floor,

from his practiced wrist along the flexing rod,

as each tug of the tide, each questioning nibble

and answering jig, pulses through the eye loops

down to the spooling reel. He probes the ocean

with a lure of his own devising, charm and hook

tooled not for local fish but the far-swimming schools.

A slight vibration and his line now sparkles

with wetness in the glow of phosphor water,

humming in the summer wind, radiating a soft mist,

a sign of something below, something other than

the common catch, something only he would know.



BILL FRISELL   “Across the Universe.”    From the album  “All We Are Saying” (2011)





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By Charles Pierre


Children of the shore have no fear

of the Atlantic’s rush to the land

and sudden withdrawal. They have learned

to squat with their backs to the waves,


building their fortress of sand,

with tunnels to let the water in and out,

and turrets flying exotic feathers

and studded with colored stones and shells.


The surf explodes continuously

and washes them in its silver,

their small bodies glistening,

with eyes squinting through the salt


and feet lightly fixed above the tide,

a sure-footed stance on the restless beach

by the sunlit ocean that is always flowing

into and out of their open lives.



Charles Pierre is a poet who visits Ocean Grove regularly.  We have gladly posted his work on Blogfinger whenever he submits a poem.    Thank you, Charles.  It is a privilege to share your beautiful  poems with the people of Ocean Grove.


Here is what he said about “Fortress:”   (below)


Hi Paul:

     Greetings again from Manhattan. Now that summer is here, and the kids are back on the beach, I thought your readers might enjoy my homage to the fledgling architects and engineers who build those fantastic structures on the shore, using only sand, water, and whatever the tide leaves behind. Here is the poem “Fortress,” from my 2008 collection, Father of Water.

Charles Pierre portrait by Marcella Kerr, 2009. ©

Charles Pierre portrait by Marcella Kerr, 2009. ©

Best wishes,

Charles Pierre


DJANGO REINHARDT  “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love.”  From the film: “The Aviator”


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