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Eggs Whale. Alma at the Waffle House. By Paul Goldfinger 2013 ©

“Eggs Whale.”  Alma at the  Waffle House. By Paul Goldfinger 2013 ©

This portrait was taken at Waffle House #314 in Weldon, North Carolina. Eileen ordered her eggs well done, and the waitress called out to the chef, “Eggs whale.”  As she was making change, I made this photo.  I said, “..took your picture.”

She said,  “Thank you.”

The Waffle House is our new favorite restaurant when traveling on Route 95 through the south. See our prior post (link below) regarding the WH chain.   —PG

BF Waffle House article link

BILL FRISELL:  “One of These Days” from the Nashville album. The vocalist is Robin Holcomb (b. 1954 Georgia)


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