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By Paul Goldfinger.  Eating goat can make you dizzy.   St. Thomas, USVI.


By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor Blogfinger.net


It’s just a number, and we really don’t worry about the numbers.  It measures visits to our homepage since July 2009, our founding summer.  It only includes “hits,”  not Google attempts.      We’re still  having fun with Blogfinger.

Thank you to all those who have kept in touch,  made comments, responded to links, sent news or otherwise contributed to the festivities.

Thank you to those who just tuned in.  It gives us reason to re-post memorable articles.

And we appreciate those who have been FOBs. since the start. (That is “Friends of Blogfinger.”).

There’s one whom we have known since the start because she and her family have been our neighbors at the North End.. She eventually moved to California, but today she returned, organizing a reunion in the same Victorian home where she grew up.  Her name is Lorraine. She still reads Blogfinger daily.

The blog format lets us try to keep things simple. Music and art are ways of communicating that enhance the spoken word. And sometimes a photograph and/or a song are all we need..

Our lives have become so complicated, that getting down to basics is desirable.

So we will close out this post with a wonderful song by a great artist who conveys the idea of finding  simple joy in each other.  This is dedicated to Lorraine.

Tony Bennett does it, accompanied only by a ukelele and a clarinet.


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