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A new generation of Homeowners trustees are needed. Paul Golfinger photograph. ©

“OGHOA continues its tradition of community involvement by closely monitoring development in Ocean Grove to ensure that it is consistent with the priorities of Ocean Grove homeowners and is in keeping with the historic character of Ocean Grove.”


This town needs an organization of resident-activists that will forcibly fight to prevent over-development, over-congestion, and over-emphasis on businesses/tourism.  Certain factions in the Grove are exploiting the town for money while trampling on the lifestyles of residents.

A group is needed who will demand that the Township stick to the Master Plan, follow State laws such as RSIS parking standards, and represent the residents of Ocean Grove in taking on Neptune Township where the Committee’s interests do not coincide with ours.

Favoritism and double standards at the Mother Ship must be exposed, and zoning abuses shut down. Historical preservation needs to be emphasized by the Township as stated in the Master Plan. And, unlike the OGHOA, this group must vigorously oppose the North End Redevelopment Plan.

In fact, the Home Groaners fall short in every category mentioned above.

MARVIN GAYE:   “What’s Going On?

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Auditorium Park by Paul Goldfinger. The OG Homeowners Assoc. needs to do more to protect our historic town. © c. 2014. Click to enlarge.

E mail to members from Barbara Burns, President of the OGHOA:
“The application for a variance to construct a driveway at 27 Heck Avenue has been withdrawn, and will therefore not be on the agenda for the May 3 meeting of the Zoning Board of Adjustment. A new application will be required if the property owners seek to construct a driveway in the future.
“Thanks to all who attended the hearing on April 5 to support strict enforcement of the Neptune Township Land Use Law. Consistent and strict enforcement of zoning regulations is key to maintaining the designation of Ocean Grove as a National and state Historical District, a proven factor in sustaining property values in Ocean Grove.”

Editor’s Note:  Really Barbara?  The HOA is bragging that they “support strict enforcement of the Neptune Township Land Use Law.”  In addition they now believe in “strict enforcement of zoning regulations” in order to retain our historic designations?


Talk about jumping on the bandwagon!  The track record of the HOA has been either to ignore land use abuses in OG or to participate in the mutilation of our town as when they joined with the Township to promote the high density, unhistorical North End Redevelopment Plan.


They also were nowhere in site over the Warrington, The Park View, and the Whitfield.  They even wanted to allow parking on Lake Avenue in front of Founder’s Park.   And their most recent contribution is to praise the new diagonal parking in residential areas of town.


And where are they regarding the plans by the Township to change the HPC guidelines? They also spent $7,000 of the group’s money to hire a lawyer to investigate ground rents, but they refuse to make public that lawyer’s findings.  They claim to have negotiated a deal with the CMA over ground rents  (see their web site about this,)  but nothing has really changed with that issue.


This is a group that has a large membership and a potential to exert some pressure on behalf of Ocean Grove to deal with land use travesties.  But they seem to be comfortable with just their Board floundering around and doing whatever they please.


So maybe they have had a slight change of heart at the HOA, deciding to be for the people instead of being for the developers.  But we need more evidence of their sincerity.


Yes, they did step up in a minor way regarding the driveway saga on Heck Avenue.  They wrote some talking points which were never talked about at Town Hall.    We’ll see how strong they are as other land use issues emerge, especially regarding the North End’s alleged springing to life once again.


Meanwhile, we will continue referring to them by their nickname “Home Groaners” because they have not proven themselves when it comes to protecting the town, its zoning, its plans for the future, and its historical preservation.   They need to do more and stop dancing in the dark.




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