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Curbside sale 2018 OG.   Do it this way.  No porches please.  Keep the traffic one way.    

It’s like a yard sale but without the yard.   Our idea is to set up a small scale sale along the curb to encourage distancing and quick purchases.  We envision buyers on the street side. Permits will be needed.  More information later.

We will be open from 9 am to 3 pm, although any participants can choose their own hours and details.

So far there are three participants:  Goldfinger— 113 Mt. Hermon,   Kush— 128 Heck, and  Sedlak 127 Cookman Ave.

We ask that any who visit our sales come with masks on, optional gloves, and antiseptic lotion…… and have cash:

For our sale at 113 Mt. Hermon, we will offer most items at $1.00 or $5.00, although some items will be individually priced.

We will post the items for sale and all details the week before, and we will do some minimal advertising.   Probably the Coaster, Blogfinger, and perhaps some fliers.   (Any volunteers want to handle the fliers?)

This is a community event for Grovers, but if any interlopers show up, they will be welcomed but no hugs.

Any questions, contact us at Blogfinger.net

If you want your location listed, just email us with your address and, when you are ready, your list of items.  And any special information.

This is not the Town Wide Yard Sale which was cancelled in May.

The only other event that day is the Mary’s Place 5K run which shouldn’t get in the way.  Parking will be plentiful.

Paul Goldfinger,   Editor  www. Blogfinger.net  

email:   Blogfinger@verizon.net


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