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This couple enjoyed the dancers . Paul Goldfinger © 5/18/19.



Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

I’m not much of an old car buff, but a lively crowd turned out for this event, and many folks seemed to be enjoying it.  I was photographing the street show, but my interest was in the visitors not the cars.  It was clear that most of the crowd were tourists.  I only saw 2 people that I knew.

Visitors pose for pictures on Main Avenue. Vintage Car Show in OG. 5/18/19.

The music was loud heavy metal, and there was dancing in the street.  Those stores that sold food were doing quite well.

So can someone explain to Blogfinger why we need car shows in the Grove?  The British car show will occur later in the season.  Is it the job of our little town to provide this sort of entertainment to tourists on a Saturday in May?

Why not hold the car show in a parking lot outside of town, or a field, or a State Fair grounds?  What’s next, the roar of hundreds of motorcycles?

And by the way, a much better, happier and livelier Grovarian show was happening in Tent Village where families were setting up for the season.  Grovers don’t need throngs of tourists and a bunch of old cars to make our town a joyful place on a sunny Saturday.   Don’t we have enough parked cars in the Grove?

When do the people of this town get to say what they are about?

DON PIPPIN AND GEORGE HEARN:  “I Am What I Am.”  From La Cage Aux  Folles.

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Car Hop.  By Rich Amole in the Grove checking out the cars.

Car Hop. By Rich Amole in the Grove checking out the cars.


“Some days the curb service is a bit slow but worth the wait for such fine cuisine only to be found attached to your car window while enjoying the AM sound of your favorite Platters song.”



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