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Unmasked group. Yoga class behind, with masks and distancing.   Paul Goldfinger photo. 6/7/20, Sunday 9 am.  Click to enlarge.

Read sign. It only protects the employees. For the rest of us on the boardwalk and beach it says to maintain distancing. Blogfinger photo Sunday 6/7/20

It was 9:30 am on Sunday June 7.  The boardwalk was busy with bikers, joggers, walkers, and kids.   It seems like the practice of masking is in freefall, with an estimated 10-15% on the boards being masked.

A few Neptune police were standing together, observing  near the beach office.  I didn’t see them berating anyone about masking or distancing.

As before, the contrast between the boards and the empty beach was startling. We have mentioned this before, but never got an answer as to why the active boardwalk on Sunday morning was acceptable, but not an active beach?

Until a lucid explanation is offered by the dictatorial CMA, people will continue to be baffled, and how can they be supportive without an explanation that makes sense?   If this is religious based, then it makes even less sense because even though the CMA is in charge, they are given that charge in trust by the State of New Jersey on behalf of all citizens, and there is no other shore town with that peculiar practice.

I know that some longtime OG families point to the town’s history, but that doesn’t mean that the history of the Sunday closure must be continued.   After all, there were quite a few historical practices, like the gates on Main Avenue, which were abolished suddenly with one ruling by the State Supreme Court in 1980.

However, putting that aside, one had to be struck by the happiness evident up and down the OG boardwalk on this Sunday morning.   It was actually thrilling, after all the isolation,  sickness, and now class warfare and violence right in our backyard.

The sooner the governor can open up our society safely, the better.  Meanwhile, the “folks” have seemingly tossed out the masking rules, and even the CMA, judging by its signage, and the NTPD  are not taking it too seriously either.

In Ocean Grove there are many areas in our town’s culture and practices which should be changed, and Blogfinger has written about all of them, with very little opposition to those opinions.

We need a “Grovers’ Lifestyles  Matter” movement in this town.

SAM BROVERMAN:  from the album Dream Maker, Heartbreaker…Sam Broverman sings Johnny Mercer.

Paul Goldfinger, MD   Editor Blogfinger.net

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Dreary Memorial Day weekend Sunday.   Main Ave. OG. Paul Goldfinger © Click to enlarge.


Paul Goldfinger, Editor.  Blogfinger.net

A small but steady crowd meandered up and down Main Avenue. Eateries were open but only takeout. Nagle’s remains shuttered. Some other shops were open, but not for interior shopping.

About 50% of strollers wore masks. Some carried their masks while others had them hanging around their necks.  I sensed some confusion as to the decision to wear or not to wear–that is the question.

I think the ones who carried would put them on as needed, such as if a group were coming toward them.  One woman was overheard complaining that the mask made her feel smothered, so she had none on—can’t blame her. Her favorite group must be Air Supply.

The 6 foot distancing was easy because there wasn’t much of a crowd, but you can see in the photo that it was often ignored.

I saw a guy driving alone in his car wearing a mask. I’m quite certain that is not necessary.    

And there was no sign of the Neptune PD which is supposed to be policing the situation,  but I can’t imagine the police being enthused about this job.

I saw a sign on Rt 195 yesterday asking for “automotive distancing.” Really?   Another sign was reported to say, “Don’t be a knucklehead.”

It seems that some OG visitors  are having masks handy because they are afraid that someone might berate them for not masking, and who wants to feel guilty that they might make someone sick, even if they truly believe that the masking is largely nonsense.

Others want to decide for themselves when to implement the mask  “as needed.”  One woman told me her theories, and that is to be really compliant—-wearing double mask and gloves even as she stood in front of Cheese on Main.  The double mask was in case one breaks.  Her theory is like the double condom approach.

It seems that people have made up their own minds about the “mask issue.”  But when they go out in public and see a variety of masking theories in action, then they feel worried and confused.

Wait till it gets really crowded over there and especially on the boards and the beach.  It might be amusing to watch.




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