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BLOGFINGER staff report:

The historians at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church of Ocean Grove  researched the history of the church located at 80 Embury Avenue and decided to create a self-guided walking tour of the town of Ocean Grove.

They published a booklet  (cover above) which offers a fascinating content of places and people, including photographs,  that defines what they describe as a “faith-based way of life” in the Grove. The writers are Karl and Pam Schweizer of Ocean Grove.

The booklet says that “Ocean Grove is a vibrant example of ‘living history,’ or more precisely, ‘living Christian history’ much of which can be visually recaptured by meandering through the town and exploring its extraordinary landmarks and scenes.”

As such, the tour provides 24 sites to visit including a number of homes as well as places such as the Great  Auditorium, Thornley Chapel, and the Beersheba Well among other locations.

#5 on the list is “The Beegle House” at 113 Mt. Hermon Way which was assigned this new name by the St. Paul writers.

According to the St. Paul’s historians,  the Rev. Henry Barnett Beegle (1818-1895) lived at that address.  The booklet shows a photograph from that era along with today’s 2018 version.  Beegle was appointed Superintendent of the OG Camp Meeting Association after Osborne resigned in 1871.    He also served as the first pastor of St.  Paul’s Methodist Episcopal Church which was originally located where the Arts Center currently stands.

Photograph used in the walking tour booklet can be found in Ted Bell’s book of Ocean Grove Images. Bell’s photo is not dated, nor is the image in the walking tour booklet.

The tour booklets are available at the Historical Society of Ocean Grove and at St. Paul’s Church.

As for the Beegle House being assigned a historic name, that’s fine, but given the current demographics, we can’t help but call it  “The Bagel House.”

Here is a link to our article about the 19th century recordings of music in the Great Auditorium.

Waxing the Gospel

IRA SANKEY:   1890-1900 Great Auditorium:  “Nearer My God to Thee.”   From Waxing the Gospel



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