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Asbury Park.  October, 2014.  Blogfinger photo.  ©

Asbury Park. October 2, 2014. Blogfinger photo. ©

Blogfinger has a long history of reporting a variety of worrisome issues in the Grove, but frequently,  no matter what we  (BF and our commenters) say about our concerns,  our opinions seem to fall on deaf ears.

The problem is that “we the people” seem to have power only when our elected officials pay attention to us, and that is how things should work . Unfortunately, on Blogfinger, no elected officials participate in our discussions. Why?  You can guess why, but that is the bottom line. You can go to the Township Committee meetings and say things for 5 minutes, but you won’t make an impact unless you go in force, and that rarely occurs.

Citizen activism is the only answer, and we saw that work when a group of Broadway flood citizen activists pushed the Township. And now a group of Wesley Lake activists are making things happen on that front.   We can’t depend on groups such as the Chamber of Commerce or the Home Groaners Association to run with the ball on things that worry us.

All of us are concerned about crime.  The other day, a police officer in Asbury was stabbed. That town has serious crime problems, and we in OG need to be watchful regarding that situation. We must stick to our “guns” in continuing the locking of the two Wesley Lake bridges.    Soon it will be winter, and our streets will be darker at night, and our population will be smaller.

We have previously called for a resurrection of the Neighborhood Watch in town, but the NTPD, a superb police force, doesn’t seem to be enthused about that method of crime fighting, but we think it has great potential to help protect us and our properties.   Perhaps we need a group of citizen activists to start their own neighborhood watch program and do it right with signs  (see above), foot patrols, effective email/phone lists, and educational programs–including pushing for better lighting and cameras all over town. Such a group can urge the NTPD to help them.     Don’t forget that the OG Citizen Patrol was started by a citizen activist and cooperates with the police.

Here is a link to our Neighborhood Watch post in April, 2012 which discusses the problems NW has in the Grove.    BF on NW

Anybody that starts a citizen activist group can count on publicity @Blogfinger.

Paul Goldfinger, Editor.



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There were eight motor vehicle accidents during the month.


On 3/3/14, during an investigation conducted by the Neptune Twp. Quality of Life Unit, an Eatontown woman was arrested for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and numerous warrants.


On 3/4/14, patrols responded to The Whitefield Hotel for an assault.  A resident was arrested.


On 3/5/14, patrols responded to The Serenity Inn for an assault.  A resident was arrested.


On 3/6/14, a resident reported two vehicles had tires slashed while it was parked near McClintock and Central.


On 3/7/14, patrols responded to Abbott Ave. for a report of a suspicious white male, described as wearing a maroon hat, dark jacket and brown pants and 6’5” tall.  Possibly peering into cars.  Subject was not located.


On 3/8/14, patrols arrested two people for Obstruction, Assault and warrants on Main Ave.


On 3/8/14, patrols made a warrant arrest at the North End.


On 3/11/14 on Embury Ave., patrols arrested an Ocean Grove man and a Neptune City man for possession of CDS with the intent to distribute and possession of CDS, respectively.


On 3/14/14, OGCP reported a suspicious gray vehicle in the area of Pilgrim Pathway.  The vehicle left the area at a high rate of speed prior to police arrival.


On 3/15/14 on Cookman Ave. there was a reported burglary of the water meter for the residence.  A second (unrelated) burglary to a vacant house occurred on Cookman Ave.  Two arrests made.


On 3/20/14 on Bath Ave., a vacant summer cottage was entered.  Nothing taken.  Ongoing investigation.


On 3/22/14 on Lake Ave., a resident reported a theft of a bicycle.


On 3/28/14 on Franklin Ave., homeowner reported an attempted burglary, which occurred sometime within the past month.


On 3/28/14, patrols arrested a Neptune man at West Grove Square for Disorderly Conduct and Possession of CDS Marijuana.


Friendly reminder, as it gets nicer out we all tend to want to enjoy the weather and air out the house.  Remember to lock your doors and windows to your house and to secure your vehicles.  Utilize exterior lighting to illuminate your property and do not hesitate to call the police if you hear or see something suspicious.  Keep your valuables secure (bicycles especially) and out of sight.  Locking them to the spindles of the front porch only invites potential problems.  Ideally store these items indoors, or secure them out of sight (i.e. rear yard).  Hope all is well in Ocean Grove and we will see you soon.


Det. Lt. Michael J. McGhee

Neptune Twp. Police Department

Editor’s Note:  Apologies to Det.Lt. McGhee.  We missed the report. He sent it on April 11.  Today he contacted us and said,  “We are basically going to roll out monthly recaps (similar to above) and will certainly have more current updates for any time sensitive, serious or patterned behavior which needs to get out to the Ocean Grove community sooner.  Sorry for the delay.  Hope this helps.”

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