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La Musa Piensa en el Amor. By Josephine Sacabo. 2020.


By Paul Goldfinger, Photography Editor at Blogfinger.net.

This is the latest in the Blogfinger series on female photographers. Josephine Sacabo is a famous and very unique artist.  She has been exhibited all over the world.  I saw her work for the first time today in Photograph magazine and I immediately liked her soulful and gorgeous innovative  style.

Sometimes photographers experiment just for the sake of doing something original, especially with digital prototypes. But such gimmickry often fails to reach the heart.   However, Sacabo’s  work stems from deeply felt poetic ideas.  She also has been using very special fine art techniques originating over a hundred  years ago such as platinum printing and photogravure.

Sacabo’s images often are collages containing models–mostly female–coupled with paintings and special effects.  She uses nude subjects  in ways that celebrate feminine beauty.

Sacabo has a unique style which taps into her love of poetry.  I guess poetry is for her photography the way music is for mine.

This amazing photographer has lived in England and France.  Now she divides her time between New Orleans and Mexico.

Over her 36 year career Sacabo has had 40 museum and gallery shows.  Last month her latest show opened at The Gallery for Fine Photography in the French Quarter of New Orleans (10/3-1/2). She titles this exhibit  “Those who dance are called insane by those who cannot hear the music.”  This quote from Nietzsche offers a metaphor to help understand art of all kinds.  It certainly applies to dance, but also I feel it for my photography since Blogfinger has been a pioneer in pairing still photography to music.

This gallery  (agallery.com) opened in the early 1970’s at a time when photography galleries were just beginning to appear.


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